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Hey! My name is Pilvi Salonpää and i´m 15 years old girl from Oulu. In my family I have mom, dad, two little sisters, they are 4 and 11 years old, little brother who is 13 and big brother who is 17. I have too a dog, called Luna. She is half cocker and half poodle.

I like jogging with my dog and mom and I also like do yoga. On spare time I like to be with my friends, go shopping, watch movies and youtubers, be on phone, listen music, read books and sleep. My fave movies are lotr, hobbit, star wars, Divergent, The fault in our stars and hunger games. My fave artists are One Direction, Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran.

For my future plans I´m planning to go to upper secondary school after this school year. For this project i´m waiting to learn little bit more Swedish because I suck at it and also learn to discuss in English. I´d like to learn more about Sweden and see what the life is there. I hope this is going to be great experience!
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