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Climate Change Mass Extinction
A site about climate change, global warming, rising CO2, acidification of oceans, extreme weather, drought, hurricanes, floods, volcanic activity, and mass extinction.
A site about climate change, global warming, rising CO2, acidification of oceans, extreme weather, drought, hurricanes, floods, volcanic activity, and mass extinction.

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Xray Assault Homicides
BERRI-UQAM is basically thin durock and plastic when McGill is covered in Calcium (like lead) tiles, Lionel-Groulx in thick bricks + thick iron mica black granite, Guy Concordia has Metal wall with tiles and thick black granite, .. as for metal frame work, we want lumber frame work to be banned everywhere, including residential homes.

It's a race, we lost, they raced to deforest, pocket billions in wood harvesting, CO2 deficit increased, chain reaction is now runaway Rising CO2, climate change, drought, wildfires, acidification of oceans, melting polar caps, warmer oceans, changed ocean currents, .. Carbon Capture Species (trees, kelp, coral, plankton, etc,) are dying World Wide.

In my case, the Police, Government, Secret Police were racing to deplete me, inflict financial losses, and attempt to inflict deadly cancers. I know what I was using to protect myself while I defended my self in court against Police and Secret Police false allegations, Government malicious persecution, a Faraday Cage (radar) with metal, calcium tiles (xrays), etc, water bottles (focused ultrasound). I see their xray assaults at different places in the Cities, I know what the secret police is doing, and I see the protection measures for some, removal of any protection for others.

To make it fun .. world ending crisis .. I asked the Worlds Richest Man, Bill Gates for help, he could not but gave 1 billion to climate change .. maybe Trudeau, Prince Charles, or Hollande (dark sarcasm)
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Canada's Hidden Subjugation Method
QC Canada, Gradual Ethnic Cleansing, etc

Canada has two political parties Conservatives and Liberals. The Election Choice:
1) Conservatives (radicals), Western, tarsands, oil, .. , cycles of taking wealth, control of wealth, businesses, jobs, repression through poverty, homelessness..
2) Liberals (secret police), a secret police participant from QC Canada involved in hidden subjugation, corruption, repression, oppression, and homicides (Influence of the Mind and Terminal Illness Homicides). Secret Police Influence of the Mind involves Suicide Factors, Rage Shooting Factors, and Psychological Manipulation. Terminal Illness method involves xray type assaults on unaware citizens from neighboring homes, buildings, .. , from behind walls in washrooms, sitting areas,. Focused Ultrasound brain lesions, lung, heart, liver damage, etc. And Radar type assaults too.

Example of secret police participant repression and homicide: Police and Secret Police fabricate false allegations for depletion of wealth, costly courts, lawyers, etc. This is combine with Secret Police participants using powerful radar type assaults, xray type assaults, focused ultrasound tech everywhere on the accused, targeted citizen, which includes neighboring homes, buildings, .. , shopping centers, STM Metros, STM Trains, STM Buses, public and University Libraries, 24/7 coffee houses, McDonalds, TimHortons, .. and City Police, RCMP refusing to take complaints of crime and evidence, "no competence", "no equipment", etc.

McGill Metro is covered in Travertine tiles, high in calcium, good at shielding from Xray Assaults from behind walls "they hit bone". Wealthy students, foreign, Westmont, West Island, etc. Westmont Square shopping center is covered the same way. Lionel-Groulx Metro (next to Atwater Metro, Westmont) is thick bricks and thick black granite, the mica has Iron, it's is where express buses are to West Island. BERRI-UQAM Metro is the biggest and busiest point, high in French and Gay community, is being covered in thin Durock sheets and plastic. Place Des Art (French) is another Metro high in Xray Assaults from behind walls and from beneath stairs but no such shielding.

Black Mica (Iron)
"Shiny black mineral, black mica is a common mineral found in granite and other metamorphic rocks. Also known as biotite, black mica is composed of iron, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen and hydrogen. It has a flaky consistency. When used in an extract form, black mica has many positive uses for overall health. Nevertheless, obtain the advise of your physician before taking black mica extract."
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#Trudeau #Charbonneau

What you feel, know: you feel the focused ultrasound assaults to your lungs, burning and damaging your lungs, at places like shopping centers, McDonald's, TimHortons, 24/7 coffee houses, Complex Desjardins, Trudeau Airport, STM Buses, STM Metro, STM Train, City Libraries, Concordia Library, McGillU Library, .. and hear secret police participants say things like "you are smoking" "stay outside" (winter temperatures)

What you do not feel, know: you do not feel the xray assaults aimed at your back, chest, from behind washroom walls at these places while sitting on a toilet, at a urinal, in front of the mirror, at sitting areas with a wall at you back at these places by employees, security guards, cleaners, .. , secret police participants.
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Trump's 2016 federal disclosure forms show he owned between $15,000 and $50,000 in stock in Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners. That's down from between $500,000 and $1 million a year earlier .. #DakotaAccessPipeline #realTroubleDonald

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mi-novembre, le thermomètre indiquait près de zéro degré Celsius au pôle Nord, soit 20 °C au-dessus de la moyenne. Les données des quatre dernières semaines montrent en outre qu'il est resté de 9 °C à 12 °C au-dessus de la normale. .. Nov 20 degrees above normal in Arctic #ActOnClimate 

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Bois d'œuvre : les producteurs américains déposent une requête au département du Commerce In Canada, clear cutting on public lands and Cree Native lands .. Stop Destroying Carbon Capture Species

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Questions to City Police at TheIACP
Happy #CharbonneauDay Oct 21
Danny Hunt (@@DHUNTtweets) tweeted Oct 17, 2016: @@TheIACP @@COPSOffice @@IACPNet @@FBI @@grcqc
Anyone from Cities that target lungs with radar, xray assaults, focused ultrasound to burn them?

@@TheIACP @@COPSOffice @@IACPNet @@FBI @@rcmpgrcpolice
Anyone involved in false allegations, depletion,, homeless shelter xray assault homicides?

@@TheIACP @@COPSOffice @@IACPNet @@FBI @@rcmpgrcpolice
Anyone connect a portable Xray Unit to front of car, park in front of @@TimHortons .. ?

@@TheIACP @@COPSOffice @@IACPNet @@FBI @@rcmpgrcpolice
If you answered yes, does your Governor plan to legislate Terminal Illness Death Needle?

@@TheIACP @@COPSOffice @@IACPNet @@FBI @@rcmpgrcpolice
Anyone using monitor, laptops integrated with focused ultrasound to inflict brain lesions?

@@TheIACP @@COPSOffice @@IACPNet @@FBI @@rcmpgrcpolice
These are all things being done in QC Canada Cities @MTL_Ville @@stminfo @@TimHortons ..

@@VP @@WhiteHouse @@POTUS @@StateDept @@NSC44 @@NRA @@NYCgov @@MikeBloomberg @@INTERPOL_HQ @@UNPOL @@GRCqc
Cities: Questions to City Police @@TheIACP

222 (1) A person commits homicide when, directly or indirectly, by any means, he causes the death of a human being.

PM Jean Chretien QC Canada
(Suicides, Rage Shootings, Massacres, Acts of Terror, .. , ex inflicted hardship through secret police participants, corruption, depletion, homelessness, .. , abuse, provocation, radicalization, .. , repeated suggestions to commit suicide, retaliate through violence, shootings, .. , guiding the person towards these acts) (Ideation ex repeated ideation about physical retaliation, .. , shootings, .. , biker gang mafia wars, .. , tyranny and terrorism, .. , visibility) #Montreal #Paris #Brussels
Killing by influence on the mind (Repealed 1999)
228 No person commits culpable homicide where he causes the death of a human being
(a) by any influence on the mind alone, or
(b) by any disorder or disease resulting from influence on the mind alone,
but this section does not apply where a person causes the death of a child or sick person by wilfully frightening him.
R.S., c. C-34, s. 211.

PM Justin Trudeau QC Canada
(Terminal Illness: Cancer, Brain Tumors, .. , ex repeated radar type assaults to the lungs, head and brain, .. , repeated xray assaults to the body, head, and lungs, .. , focused ultrasound to burn the lungs, inflict brain lesions, .. ,)
Exemption for medical assistance in dying
227 (1) No medical practitioner or nurse practitioner commits culpable homicide if they provide a person with medical assistance in dying in accordance with section 241.2.

Current version: in force since Jun 17, 2016
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Happy 50th Anniversary #StarTrek
25th Ave Saint-Eustache
Xray Assaults 15:50 Sept 7 2016 1st floor library, 2nd floor
#Trudeau #Charbonneau #Paris #Brussels .. #Ukraine
No more xray assaults at Library, right? Wrong, more assaults today on the 1st floor. First noticed rearranged tables and chairs, moved closer to wall and corner where I suspect assaults where from previously. They seem to begin here, I move towards back where the rear entrance to corner is, and the assaults continue near painting and desk (no one). The head librarian moved out of her office too, which is behind the painting wall, it seems to speak to other people. No armor shielding, I'm not interested in taking these xray assaults so I leave this area too, go upstairs. Another location of assaults that I'm aware of, in front of large monitor. In back of the large monitor is a closed off office, below this sitting area too. So they assault unaware people while they look at this monitor like behind washroom wall mirrors, urinals, .. and assault from below like the Westmont Library AV room. I take a few pictures of monitor but no assaults at this location. Here is where it gets strange, ever get the feeling of high surveillence and TV interaction? The nice smiling women, a gun control advocate, is no longer appearing on screen and I do want a picture of her now, so I wait. Librarian with white vest comes and sees me, cannot film, no pictures alloud. Not filming. I continue to wait, the women with white vest looks at me from a distence, two men seem to be interacting with her .. I continue to wait, it seems xray assault finally appear at this location too. So does the smiling women but no longer smiling.. snap snap snap. weird.
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#Trudeau #Charbonneau


City Police refuse xray type assault complaints "not competent for weapon" ..

SQ says no Jurisdiction in Cities ..

Government, Superior Court say cannot force City Police ..

So, secret police is using xray assaults from neighboring homes, apartments, .. , and everywhere in the City.

QC Canada. #Uguay

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Triple H is INFORNO (warning to FBI)

​Danny Hunt (@DHUNTtweets) tweeted Aug 19, 2016:

@FBI @RCMPGRCPOLICE @WhiteHouse @Elysee @UN @AP @NRA

"Triple H" (Levesque) could be in danger, symbolism, xray assault lung cancer homicide


"Triple H" (Levesque) could be in danger, symbolism, xray assault lung cancer homicide.

Secret Police use Xray Assaults from behind walls, urinals, washrooms, mirrors, etc.

Walls behind sitting areas, from floors below, homicide method currently used in QC Canada

I currently use a SOEKS Quantum, two sensors, to warn, detect abnormal radiation, assaults

Climate Change Mass Extinction

"Triple H" also Inferno in Scooby-Do .. it's part of related symbolism.. see media module

And our Space module for more symbolism, Quantum, Weird..

From our SPACE module..

My McGillU Quantum Slit Experiment

Results, Weird .. I called Higgs, Hawking, Hunt told them Quantum Physics Bohrs me .. no naming new particles Jesus, Moses, etc. (Triple H, Levesque)
PBS SpaceTime (@@PBSSpaceTime) tweeted Jul 27, 2016:

There's nothing weirder in all of physics than the results of the single particle double-slit experiment
PBS SpaceTime (@@PBSSpaceTime) tweeted Aug 11, 2016:

The double-slit experiment gets even weirder with the delayed choice quantum eraser...

Danny Hunt (@@DHUNTtweets) tweeted Aug 09, 2016:

My McGillU Physics Photon Slit Experiment .. 2 slit result

Danny Hunt (@@DHUNTtweets) tweeted Aug 09, 2016:

My McGillU Physics Photon Slit Experiment .. 1 slit result
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