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I have been getting virus' on this site.  I am not going to be on this sight again.  If you want to follow my thoughts for the day that I post please see them on Face Book.  If anyone wants to get the thought for today on e-mail please let me know.    Sorry that I won't be on google+ any more.  Thank you
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What a beautiful sight
Massive herd of Elk in Montana
Watch the straggler at the end …
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"When man aligns his will with the will of the Indwelling Spirit, his mind shall attain enlightenment while his soul will attain salvation from death at the end of his short life on Earth. And if you would truly love your Spirit Father, then seek new ways to be of service to his children on Earth, and through this loving service, you will be enlarging your capacity to receive and experience new and greater pleasures of the love bestowed by your Spirit Father."
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"The mind of man is mortal, yet the Divine Spirit who indwells the mind of man is immortal. The Great Spirit will not allow a single child on Earth to perish if that child has a desire to find their Spirit Father and truly yearns to be like him. When you pray to your Spirit Father, ask not for things, yet rather ask for knowledge, wisdom, truth, and higher values."  
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You must first learn to master your mind and control your emotions. You have to have a pure heart and mind that is devoid of any negativity. As you purify your mind and emotions you will be more in touch with the Great Spirit. It is he that actually gives you the power of love to do what you desire. You must develop an impeccable set of values to live your life by and walk a path of truth, beauty, and goodness. If you devote your life to the Great Spirit and follow his leading you will find that great things will happen for you.
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Yes I think it is time to clean up the government. We should all shout long and hard enough that it would be illegal and inadmissible as evidence in court any information gotten by spying. It shouldn't matter if it is a spy camera or what if it is placed on, around, or in your house, business, or property to spy on you. It should be written into law that they could not use that as evidence in court. If "you" place a camera on your property to see who might be robbing you then that should be used as evidence in court.
Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall to spy on what's going on or being said? How about being a mosquito instead!
No, this isn't a real mosquito. It's an insect spy drone for urban areas, already in production, funded by the US Government.
It can be remotely controlled and is equipped with a camera and a microphone.
It can land on you, and even has the potential to take a DNA sample or leave RFID tracking nanotechnology on your skin.
It can fly through a slightly open window, or it can attach to your clothing until you unwittingly take it into your home. It can then be guided to the top of a curtain or other invisible location where it can scope entire rooms and monitor everything being said.
Given their propensity to request macro-sized drones for surveillance, one is left with little doubt that the government has big plans for these micro gadgets.
(And to think we were worried about West Nile virus!)
And now you know why our government wants the law changed to allow drone surveillance in the United States.
This is a great example of what THIS administration is doing to control every aspect of your privacy, your freedom, your health care and your finances!!!
It's time for a major housecleaning in Washington.
If you are naive enough to think we aren't headed for total government control of the American population, just delete this. If you're paying attention to what's happening, you know what to do!
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Have you given any thought about what is really important in this world? People rush around with no thought in mind except how to make a bit of money or to find some kind of pleasure. Most never give any consideration of what is really important. The most important thing would have to be oxygen. Most people would die within a few short minutes without oxygen. Water would have to be considered next because without water you dehydrate and die. The third thing would be food because you would starve to death in a short while without food. Yet we must consider our soul and maintaining a spiritual mind. Without our soul we might as well be dead because we would never survive this life without a soul. If mankind continues to pollute the air, pollute the water, destroy and deplete our soil it won’t be long before we will kill the planet. People need to start spending more time in talking to the Great Spirit and asking him to teach them how to walk a path of truth, beauty, and goodness and ask him to lead the way so they can follow. 
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This is how to load a bob cat.  Simply amazing.  You have to see it to believe it.
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What is the truest definition of Globalization?
How come?
Answer :
English Princess
with an
Egyptian boyfriend
in a French tunnel,
riding in a
car  with a
Dutch engine,
by a Belgian
who was
Scottish whisky,
(check the bottle before you
change the spelling),
closely by
Japanese motorcycles,
by an American doctor,
This is
sent to you by
Bill Gates' technology,
you're probably reading
this on your computer,
uses Taiwanese chips,
in a
Singapore plant,
by Indian
truck drivers,
by Indonesians,
unloaded by
Sicilian longshoremen,
trucked to you by Mexicans who
are in the US illegally
the current president,
born in Kenya
and educated as a Muslim in Indonesia
refuses to enforce US law.
That, my friends, is Globalization !
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