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Official releases can be found here:

Please do not use the beta downloads!

Touch Recovery Beta:

Galaxy Nexus (CDMA and GSM):

Nexus S (GSM):

Flash using fastboot.
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Works flawlessly,thank you, Keep up the amazing work =)
how is this different to the other touch CWM recoveries that are out there? I already have the GN one and its great- has battery % as well as gestures and soft buttons
Excellent, now I don't have to worry about the overscroll in CWR anymore. Looks great. Thanks.
Wonderful so far keep up the great work!!!!
Works great. I did a couple tasks with it and seems to be working fine. Adding touch is a nice upgrade, brilliant!
I tried installing GummyNex 0.7.0 and I get a Status 7 error. My checksums match and other zips install correctly. I don't know if this is rom issue or a bug in the CWM. I'm also using a CDMA GNex. Besides that this recovery is awesome!
I've been waitn all my life for this. lol
can i make one small suggestion? since you can scroll up/down in the empty space on the bottom can you enable the use of tapping in that space to select what you want?
In the update script for GummyNex this I bet has to be the issue.

assert(!less_than_int(1324300291, getprop("")));
assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "toro" ||
getprop("") == "toro");

My guess is since the recovery is universal between GSM and CDMA with this release, the GummyNex installer is looking for the toro build in recovery and its not there. It may read as tuna now.
weird errors. mine worked for me :)
mine also did the get prop toro error, using of course toro (cdma verizon gnex) and i was gonna flash winner00's cm9 kang nightlie for today..

otherwise, it was a real treat to use, i like being able to truly touch my recovery in ways i only dreamed of ;) just fix this slight error and i see no problems...

u could tho throw in a way to tell what battery ur at, since cwmr touch beta 5 does and i likes it...
NICE! I flashed this "touch" version of CWMR on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus using fastboot, then immediately used it (CWMR) to install Modaco's replacement SystemUI. Having touch-screen menus in recovery is awesome!
TWRP is also nice
I have a photon 4g so its our only touch recovery, too bad it has tons of bugs.
Working like a dream. Thank you for an amazing addition to an amazing tool.
Nice work. Haven't tried to flash any zip file yet but I have one request ( :) ):
Is it possible to sort the files better? Currently the files are sorted case sensitive. Maybe they should get sorted case insensitive.
mine also did the get prop toro error when i tried to flash latest euroskank kang. had to revert to my previous recovery
Soooo what about HTC desire download link? =) Or maybe ROM Manager with an ability to install touch cwm? =)
NS4G fix, please!! This sounds so awesome :)
Awesome!! Will do this when I get home on my Nexus S.
I hope this reaches the soon to be retired HTC EVO 4G. To keep it alive awhile longer.
This is CM Touch? Ported the the EVO?
best dev eva! :D works like a charm. GSM Galaxy Nexus.
I'm also having the Status 7 error when attempting to flash a ROM. Doesn't occur on kernels though.

Also, a feature I liked in the unofficial CWM Recovery touch was how it showed battery percentage, would be nice to see that in this one as well.
Bought via in-app purchase (market) flashed...for some odd reason touch isnt working (can navigate the usual way tho) - nexus s i9023 @ics4.0.3 official
Status 7 for me also, when I am flashing roms, I didn't try to flash a kernel.

The touch interface is great, only suggestion besides fixing Status 7, would be a confirmation dialog that isn't touch or something, maybe even a multitouch method that requires you to press two places on the screen simultaneously. I just think somebody might accidentally erase something or partition their sdcard...just a suggestion, other than that Great Work!
I've flashed the free version from the website, but ROM Manager still shows that is the installed version. But when I boot into recovery, it's definitely installed.
I found the touch-shooter.img seems to work fine awesome. Now when it is setup in Rom Manager all will be well with universe!
+ClockworkMod I also got the Status 7 error on CDMA GNex. I see you have a fix coming! I'll be on the lookout for it! Thank you for your work on this! Much appreciated.
Since there is no way to do it via terminal which sucks, is there another manual method because i dont have a computer for a while
Brilliant. Working perfectly on the Nexus S. Keep up the good work Koush!
i just flashed the "offical" touch recovery to my galaxy nexus GSM and didnt have no touch whatsoever! so i went back to the beta touch and its ok
I had issues flashing over I had to flash with rom manager to get it to allow me to flash updated touch ;)
with When plugging the phone in to charge with the power off recover insta loads within about 10 seconds of plug in.
I need usual cwm recovery for my Samsung galaxy tab 7 plus (P6200 with 3G), where i can get it?
wait a 2nd you're charging for touch recovery though the phone? but we already paid for rom manager. i even donated once right after buying rom manager
Works great on my Samsung GT-I9020A... far better than using the buttons.

But... seriously with touch are all those no entrys needed in the confirm screens.
Hey +Koushik Dutta , I just found that they've managed to root the Droid 4 already. I hate to be one of those guys but...... CwM support ETA? I'M SORRY I HAD TO!!!!!. I want to buy, but I'm not getting it if I can't have my CwM goodness on it!!!!
You do know there is never ETA on development right? Has too many factors to delay and you know what happens when there is delays
Yes I know. That's why I appologized. I usually am not one who get's all uppity and wagging over a new shinny, actually I usually bitch about those people. I know I'm not getting an ETA and honestly I would rather wait and get something that works, not something right away. Just got a little too excited with it getting rooted the same day it came out.
Still getting the 'toro' error when trying to install the nightly build. My Galaxy Nexus is a 'tuna' model. Clockworkmod Touch 'Tuna' installed fine, but cannot get the nightly build of CM9. Would love to try it out.
Hi will the HTC Wildfire (Buzz) also be supported with CWM Touch ?
hola tengo una table android 2.2 onePab modelo:TAB 10 10" y no consigo encontrar la descarga para instalar de nuevo el sistema Instalar ClockworkMod Touch Recovery me podeis ayudar estoy ya desesperando buscando el enlace...,
I flashed using fastboot on stock ROM. I can't access CWM from recovery mode option. It boots to stock recovery and only shows a android with a hatch open and a red exclamation mark. Not sure what went wrong...

My device is Tuna. 
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