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Transferring ClockworkMod Backups to your PC

I've been working on this feature!

Browse to a web server running on your phone.
See the list of of CWM Backups.
Download any backup from your phone to your computer as a flashable zip.

No USB cables necessary :)
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Chandra Sekhar: Broken or lost USB cable and convinience.
Hmm, so I could have my home server do a wget on a cron job and automatically backup my backups. Awesome 
Nice but there are already some apps in googleplay that allows you to browse your SD card wirelessly. For me, Clockworkmod has been one of the greatest app dev since i get into android. Unleash some awesome stuff. Still this is a nice feature. :) 
Can anybody tell me why I cant restore a backup made with CWM? In recovery says it cannot find folder or cannot open folder. I'm using Galaxy Nexus. Any idea how to fix that? 
I'm transferring one of my backups now, but although the size on the phone says 28 Mb, the download is now reporting 1.2 Gb and it still hasn't finished!
Is this right?

Edit: ended up at 1.37 Gb
Matt S
+ClockworkMod I have a problem with cwm touch IAP. Bought it ages a go for gnexus and now I how to buy again?
+Grace Carlyle because in the backup folder on your phone it has pointers to the deduplicated data located in the blobs folder. Those pointers are small but not the actual data. That difference is what you're seeing. 
Thanks +Joseph McDade 
I had read somewhere that the blobs folder had something to do but I didn't think it would make it that big :)
+Grace Carlyle Well blobs is actually making it smaller on your phone. The data backup is broken down into chunks and then hashed. If that hash matches a hash of a chunk from another backup then that chunk is only kept once. That way you have less duplicated data. There is a lot of data that doesn't actually change between releases, no need to keep making copies of it. 
This looks good. At the moment, I can't find it in Google Play from my Samsung GS II running CM 10.0. [Ah! I thought ClockworkMod Backups was a separate app, but it's apparently not, which is too bad, I think TWRP users would find it useful as well.]

It might be nice if the page listed not just the backup's name and creation date, but also its md5 hash, and seeing as how backups are so large, if there was a checkbox on that page to delete the backup from the phone.
It appears that I can only use this feature if I am Premium.  
+Koushik Dutta if a backup has '+' in its name, the downloaded .zip file is going to be empty. for example, a backup I have is named vanilla+su-2012-12-13-09.34.09 , renaming it to vanilla-su-2012-12-13-09.34.09 downloads the whole 700MB :-) 

Not a big deal but I thought you'd be interested to know.
I have a CWM backup on my N7.  I start the download server and point my PC brower to  The page on the browser reports 0 backups found. 

I am running 4.2.1 on my device along with the latest Premium version of CWM

Any suggestions?
With the latest release of CWM I can see the saved backup on my Nexus.  When I turn on the CWM server and point my desktop browser to the server address than I am told that there are 0 backups.  My ROM is Jelly Belly 11.1 on an N7.
is there a way to transfer a backup to my computer with a USB? My Wifi is a bit spotty. Every time I navigate to my clockworkmod folder from Android Transfer it says it's empty even though, on my phone, the backup is available.
There's an option when in the recovery mode to make a zip of the backup. I accidently chose that and can't find the location of that file (am running latest version on a Galaxy Nexus with 4.2.1). I since remember that you can use the "Download Backups" option from the app; however, the zip backup is on the device somewhere and I'd like to delete it to free up space.
Grrr. It found my backup but I need premium to download (?) and I just bought the Touch recovery (£1.99). Do I still have to buy the full premium again? (£3.99) I wish I just bought premium in the first place.......
The backups are so easy to copy via usb or wifi I don't see any advantage unless you are using the incremental (blob) mode. 
thanks this was a lifesaver, i had twrp and i was playing with some roms but for now the stock 4.3 feels more right and i was disappointed that i could not copy the backups to the pc but this did the job for me with easy  
Can I inspect the .zip in the PC? Using MacOS native unziper it can't extract it. With CLI unzip same problem. I just wanted a lost video that should be in this backup, and don't want to flash the recovery just to get it.
I tried with tar -xvf but it gave: x backup.tar: Truncated ZIP file body. But no luck =\
The backup file is located at root/mnt/shell/emulated/clockworkmod/backup/

Use ES File Explorer with Root Explorer and Hiddden Files enabled
any way to have the backups automatically push to the cloud instead?
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