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How to eliminate road rage, get in shape, live in a clean house, eat more vegetables, and sleep like a baby... with Audible.

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Post has attachment is my favorite new way to see what companies are doing with their websites and earn a little Starbucks money at the same time.

Going to +Chris Guillebeau's  book signing for "The $100 Startup" in La Jolla tonight. Super excited!! Except he can't sign my book because it's on my Nook.

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Great article that makes me feel like i'm on the right track. I'm self-publishing my own nonfiction book (it's in the final formatting stage right now) and i'm thinking about writing/designing more under my own little self-publishing company, then offering to help others (once i know what the hell i'm doing :)).

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I loved this post, especially Leo's points about not overscheduling his kids and saying no to "kid related" activities (like PTA, coaching soccer) that actually didn't give him any quality time with HIS kids at all.

Driving thru Louisiana listening to +Gary Vaynerchuk 's book "Crush It." Love it, and love the off-script comments. :)

In the process of moving from Charlotte, NC to San Diego -- drove 12 hours and listened to +David Garland's Rise to the Top podcasts the whole time. It was entertaining as hell, actually! Loading up the ipod for tomorrow. :)

My daughter Greer is 7 years old. She woke herself up early this morning so she could play Pokemon on her DSi in bed. During a complicated trip thru the Ice Cave, she used her iPod Touch to go on YouTube and look up hacker tips on how to navigate thru it. It trips me out. 7 years old! And i am having trouble with Twitter.
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