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Timothy Choi
Cell Phone Enthusiast & Google Addict
Cell Phone Enthusiast & Google Addict

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Ok, so where do I find the pics from my Hangouts convos now without having to scroll through old messages after the Google Photos rollout? 

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The new +Google Photos​ is great but I wish it wouldn't include your Hangouts photos in the all photos view and I wish the hangouts photos didn't spam my albums. 

Lollipop is such a joy to use. 😀

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Sigh I'm already missing hassle free Netflix. #murica

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'Murica! Where over half the tap and pay POS machines don't work. 

Chromecast is so awesome. I wish we can change the DNS settings on it tho. Not being able to watch Netflix with it in Oz is a show stopper. 

Google Play Music is trolling me hard right now with songs from my middle school to early high school years. lol...

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Just saw the first #glasshole in the airport. I wanna be glasshole like him.

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