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What is the best inground pool light ?- The things you need to know before buying.

With the market and technology changes, there are more and more choice for us to select a pool light for our pool, Such as Incandescent, halogen, solar and LED light, but same time it may make you hard to choose one. Because each has its advantage and disadvantage. We have compare all these lights, we have to say led lights will be the best choice. This article, we will help you know the inground pool led lights benefits and why led lights is most suitable for your pool.

As we know, the only reason make us hard to choose LED light, because the price is much higher than Incandescent and halogen light. If you know what it can do for us , you will found the led light worth the money.

LED is light emitting diode. It is discovered at 1953, The first commercial Leds used to replace incandescent lamps at 1970. Until 2000, the LEDs are widely use in lighting. And now is price is already reduce much, before 2000,Only government and big company use it. And now LED light become more and more popular, and even government encourage family update the traditional light to LED. Because it’s powerful, high brightness, energy saving and no maintenance.

When you check a inground pool led light, you will see many LED on a board. And connect with complex circuit. And each LED inside have tiny chips, which only spend very few current can bring us high brightness. Compare with traditional lamp found,it can save 70%-80% energy . And the chips have very long life time,more than 100,000hours, after the chip packaging become a LED and use on lighting,its life span still more than 50000 hours. Besides, it will work durable and steady, After install, there is no maintenance. Compare with halogen,you need change a new one maybe every 4-5month. Maybe because it burnt out, maybe because it because dim and make your pool looks dirty. But LED light will not happen.

Led Light the current will be divide to many small chips, which make led last long. And as we check the research report, LED’s light decay only less 15% after 30000 hours use. It means it will no dim even during 3years use. No like traditional light, the 90% energy for itself heat,only 10% for lighting energy. That’s why it short life and quickly turn dim.

And now ,the LED light have 110-120lm/w lumen efficiency, Before you may need 4-5 make a pool bright to feel safe to swimming. but LED only one is ok. And a 20W can replace a 300w traditional lamp, a 35W can replace a 500W.

After above compare , we can found LED light have longer life span, no maintenance, and save lot of energy. For long time see, it is save money for us.

Besides, LED light not only can bring us a bright and safe pool, it also can create a colorful pool for us with its color changing option. Just add a little money we can get a color change led light.

Nowdays, most people like swimming at night, because daytime in summer is hot.And more and more people enjoy the pool party. Then a multi-color LED pool light offer you everything you want. You can use the light switch control the pool color,even more there has remote control. And color change way has flashing, Dynamic. Really bring more fun for us.

A LED light’s quality, most important parts are LED chips quality and driver. If you want know how to select a best cost performance lnground pool led light for your pool. Below is the related post.
How to choose a inground pool led lights to replace Incandescent bulb

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How to change swimming pool light bulb to home light buying guide and review

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How to change swimming pool light bulb to led, Text and image guidance.

When pay lot of electricity bill for your swimming pool, when your pool light bulb burnt out.You may considering change a inground pool led lights for your pool.Here are the steps to guide how to change the swimming pool light bulb, don’t need drain your pool, easy to follow.

Step 1: Material and tool prepare.

1, A inground pool led light, it can be white or color change, if you have any query to choose led pool light. Read the article How to choose a inground pool led lights

2, A lens gasket replacement kit and a pilot screw, it must same type as your pool light fixture.Most pool light fixture are from Pentair and Hayward. With the light fixture series NO, You can find suitable gasket and screw online shop or your local shop. Usually online shop is cheaper.

3,A dry towel

4,Two screwdriver,one flat and one Philips.

Step 2: Turn off all pool electricity

Very important; before next steps, you must cut off all the pool power.

You can find the square electrical box near the pool,Some pool has two box,one is transformer which transfer 120V to 12V. You need shut off the electrical box button not the transformer. When you shut off power. It’s better to make sure power is off. You can test via switch on the pool light and see whether it can light up.

Step 3: Get the light housing out.

It might be two scenarios, the light fixture on the poolside wall which very easy to reach with your hand, Just lean over unscrew the screw, then get the housing out. or the light fixture install at the bottom of the pool, you need jump in water to take out.

Step 4:Open the light fixture niche

Use the Philips screwdriver unscrew the niche clip screw, the one with a stainless circle.Different housing have different clip and clip screws.Some old light fixture might have several this type clips need unscrew. Or some type need use wrench to unscrew the screw

Step 4: Open the cover

Use the flat screwdriver to prize up the cover and gasket.

Step 5: Screw out the light bulb

Step 6: Clean the niche inside, make it clean and dry

Step 7: Put the led light bulb in niche.

Step 8: Turn on the power test the light

If your inground pool led lights is multicolor ,test the switch control or remote control. Then turn off the power again.

Step 9: Change the gasket and clean the cover .

Step 10: Reassembling the light fixture and put back in pool.

Before screw it on pool wall. It is better put the light fixture in water several minutes to test whether will leak water inside the niche.

Read more with image guide
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