Without cell signal most of the day. Should I admit it was kinda awesome?
It was kinda awesome. ;-))

You know what was REALLY awesome? It was the hubs and my anniversary and we spent it here in the southwest, on a trip we've wanted to do since we met 11 years ago... hiking in 102 degree heat (Ok that part wasn't AS awesome)... photographing All Dang Day!!!
That part: Awesome squared. Siiigh.

This photo was taken on my iPhone and prettied up (I hope, anyway...I can never see them that well on the phone) in Snapseed. It was taken from Dead Horse Point overlooking the Colorado River. From accounts, it sounds like the area wasn't so good for horses, which made me sad. But the overlook rocked and we did sunset there.

I also overheard folks talking about the movie set we could see way down below us in the flats. Apparently they're working on "The Lone Ranger" with Johnny Depp. Well, I did see a section of fake railroad track, a locomotive and a bunch os old western style cavalry type tents all set up in a camp that looked mighty 'movie set' to me.  Heh. Entertaining.

Now I'm asleep at the wheel and about to hit the hay. 
But had to say "Hey!" before I did. :-D

And... oh yeaahhhh, I definitely took lots of photos with my Canon, which I'll be processing and posting down the line. Think of this one as your pal waving from the hilltop before running down to meet you. 
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