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LIFE Through the Lens... the G+ Mentorship Program Show is ready when you are! This was a wonderful show...


+Ron Clifford and +Robin Griggs Wood shared their experiences... and that of their mentorees (like +Brian Grzelewski and +Gizella Nyquist who joined us on the show) in this most recent Mentorship Program. The before & after photos... the stories of personal change and growth... the smiles none of us could wipe off our faces... all testimonials to the power of how helping others helps elevate everyone - including ourselves!
+Tamara Pruessner +Kelli Seeger Kim +Kerry Murphy +Tana Teel +Keith Barrett and I loved this one... and I hope you do too!

+Tamara Pruessner shared her two newest inspiring G+ finds on our LIFE +1 segment: +Lucie Debelkova and +Joni Niemelä. Great finds... go circle 'em!

And listen to the show for the OnOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 giveaway! (Hint: you just have to answer a question... right here in this stream!)

So here's how:
1. Listen to the show for the question to answer for the chance to win.
2. Write your answer right here in this post. Deadline: 7pm PT/ 10pm ET, Wednesday, May 9).
3. +Brian Matiash of OnOne Software will help us choose a winner... which will be announced in my stream! (I'll make a new post just for the announcement.)

That's it! We're looking forward to seeing everyone's responses... Mentorship RULES!!!
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