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Karen Hutton
Photography, Voiceovers, Purveyer of Awesomeness
Photography, Voiceovers, Purveyer of Awesomeness

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"Snow Fields on High": Eastern Sierras, CA

Mountains...up close, faraway, color, black and white, morning, noon, night. I love them like you can't even believe. They are a part of me. I am more myself when I am in and around them. As I arrive in their midst, I weep as wise, timeless mountainous arms wrap themselves around me and welcome me in that deep bass voice of theirs. I love when they do that.

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Once More With Feeling: Creating Emotion In Your Photography:
a Facebook LIVE event.

Join me for this 3-part Facebook LIVE Event starting this Wednesday!
Learn more and RSVP here:

I know it's not G+, but anymore, it's the best way to do these. So...

Let’s chat Emotion! How to create with it and how to add it to your images!

There’ll be Q&A, plus Activities you can put into practice immediately.

Where: My profile:
When: 4pm Wednesday, March 29
Length: Short! I’m aiming for 15-20 minutes, with Q&A after that. (Hey, I know how busy you are.)

I’ve created a survey to gather your Q's. Super quick (like a minute or two) and the Q's posed here will take precedence:

Hope to see you all on Wednesday!! :D

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A simply STUNNING day at Lake Tahoe last Monday! Today, a week later - it's fixing to rain.

This is an overview of a gorgeous nude beach at Tahoe. I was careful not to include any of the bathers, since everybody should be able to relax and enjoy themselves, IMO. But holy cow what a breathtaking day and spot!

Had to snowshoe to get here, then it was about 75-80 degrees F right on the sand. Microclimates-r-us! 

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Find Your Artist's Voice in France!
September 24-29, 2017.

Join me for an opportunity to find the voice of your photography... rediscover YOU... and experience that place where photographic art, life and magic meet!

And yes... we do have a blast. (That's not biased, BTW... that's truth!)

Here's just some of the cool stuff people have said who've joined me....

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New blog post Thursday! (I made that up, heh.):

I visited New York last month for FujiLove LIVE and shared a ton of pics and thoughts about the whole adventure. It's kind of like an "as seen by..." visual journey. :D

Photographically, my mission was: take 1 camera (my X-T2) and 1 lens (23mm f1.4) and create. It was freeing, fun and a fabulous exercise!

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I'm back from a quick little road trip; mostly it was like a little mini K-Hutt reboot. I didn't go that far... just enough to shake some calcification loose. Sometimes ya just gotta do that.

I wasn't so much on the hunt for the perfect shot as I was creating space for new stuff I've been thinking about. I can tell it's going to take alot of breath and allowing, not foot-tapping and forcing. Dangit! I've got those perfected! hahahah...

Anyway, just sharing a few "as seen by" moments along the way, including the little cabin where I stayed at Sorensen's Resort in Hope Valley - and the incredible color on Lake Tahoe when I stopped along the way. 
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Bound: NYC
[cue heroic music]
Today, I will not be bound by the chains of anyone's false "reality". Today, I will listen to my soul. To the whispers it has gently - yet relentlessly - breathed into my ear for a lifetime, never relinquishing the hope that one day I would wake up, listen... and hear.

Today, I shall seize the front wheel of this mighty Life cycle and I will RIDE!!

In case you were wondering.

What'chu up to today? 

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Hooked: The Sky
I love clouds. They speak a language all their own. I record them sometimes and share it with my friends.

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Wow. This film that +Justin Majeczky and I made on the LAST day I had the Fujifilm GFX in my possession captures a "certain something" I could never put into words. (It almost didn't happen!) The GFX is sublime. Huge thanks to Fujifilm for the opportunity to try it out in my winter wonderland world in the mountains!

Justin is an incredible storyteller. It was SO much fun creating with him! Huge thanks go his way for helping me share a bit of my story and heart - and capturing the spirit of it all. I've been so moved by the entire experience.

The whole story:

Click below to see the video. 

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Legs: Truckee, CA
When you fly, you launch expecting to see nature's grandeur spread out below. Then you get up there and you... legs. Life is weird sometimes. And very 70's.

+DJI #truckee
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