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Photography, Voiceovers, Purveyer of Awesomeness
Photography, Voiceovers, Purveyer of Awesomeness


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"A Golden Minute": Mono Lake, CA
Here's a wee moment from a springtime sojourn I made to Mono Lake earlier this year. Sunrise. Shocked even myself by getting up at 4am, and it was raining. But I was rewarded with this! [happy dance]

Most people shoot it facing the other way (east, into the sun), but I'm endlessly fascinated by the reflections looking west. So I do both. Which means I get lots of core exercise from turning this way and that.

I love cross training. Heh.

Specs: Fujifilm X-T2, 16-55mm lens
+Really Right Stuff TQC-14 tripod, BH-40 ballhead
+LucrOit 100mm simple kit holder, Formatt Hitech ND filter. (I've now switched to LucrOit's new line of glass... yumm!)

ISO: 200, f/22, 2 secs.

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Hey, Hey! Here's some fun weekend reading/listening for ya: Episode 4 of my 8-part "Everyday Genius of Your Artistic Voice" is now live on my blog!

It's here:

Oh - and the "A" to last week's "Q" is here:
(The question was asked was so good, I had to make a post just for it!)

I hope you'll join in the conversation and share YOUR thoughts over on the blog.
This photo? Oh, a magical evening at Lake Tahoe - this couple had just gotten engaged and were up on the rocks having their picture taken. By me! And their photographer as well. Fun part: it was a surprise for her. :D Guess he was pretty sure of her answer...

Fujifilm X-T2, 50-140mm lens
ISO 400, f/2.8, 1/600 sec

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Armoiries: Valbonne, France

In just a little over a month, I head back to France for my September "The Artist's Voice" retreat... WOOHOO!!

Our intrepid group of "Francypantsers" are getting ready even now, getting all excited about the awesome adventures we're going to have.

If YOU want to be that one last pants-o-Francyness, put it in the comments below! I'll fill you in on just what you need to do and know in order to join us for the photo-journey of a lifetime!

This image is from Valbonne, one of my fave little medieval villages. Hotel Le Armoiries is a 17th century hotel that sits right in the town's center. Nope, I've never stayed there... but I can never resist photographing it!

Anyhoo, whether you're an aspiring Francypantser... or just wear regular fancypants, I hope you're having an awesome weekend at the very moment! And the next... and the next... and.. you know.

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Layers in Truckee: Truckee, CA

A juicy Q&A on my blog today: stemming from my 8-part series: The Everyday Genius of Your Artistic Voice.

It addresses this question:
Do you think that to have a signature in photography you have to stick with one genre? I love street, landscape, travel and wildlife photography, and probably a few more! Do I need a different signature for each one? Several people have told me that to be “successful”, whatever that means, that I should stick with one type of photography. I’m not sure I can do that though! Would love to know your feelings.

Ever wonder about that yourself?

If it lights you up, go have a listen/read and let me know your thoughts in the comments over there!

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The Artist's Voice Retreat: Cannes France
Sept. 24-29, 2017: 1 spot left. Will YOU be coming with us?

People ask me: what is a photo retreat? What do people get out of it? Why France? This video aims to answer all that an more! It shares the lowdown - straight from the mouths of the folks who have come and conquered!

I talk about "artistic voice" alot... it's an entire process of understanding and of connecting your highest vision to your photographic art in practical, everyday ways. It bridges the gap. I absolutely LOOOOVE leading people through it in one of the most glorious places on earth: The South of France.

I had so many requests last month that I added a few more spots. Only ONE of them remains! Will YOU be joining us for an incredible experience? I hope so!

Learn so much more:

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This is +Lauri Novak's work. (As in: This is NOT my photo!)

Lauri is astoundingly awesome and if you don't follow her journey - you should! Her voice is unique. Her art is like a breath of fresh air, IMO - and I'm so excited about all the cool stuff she's got going on.

She's on fire over at +Photofocus right now, with some fantastic articles and accolades... here's the page where you can find it all: (And HINT: more is coming!)

She drops these pearls of wisdom in the simplest ways, about how to see photographically, expressing yourself through photography and other things too. I think it's her ability to make it all clear and simple that I admire the most. Well, aside from her work of course... which I can never stop staring at!

I've known Lauri for some years now... starting with my cohort at The Arcanum, plus she joined us for "The Artist's Voice" retreat in France last October... so I know what an incredible heart and soul this woman has.

Sometimes, ya just wanna share the goodness, y'know?
If you know Lauri already... join my applause and share this post! If you don't know her... well all I can say is: enjoy!

Lauri Novak on Photofocus:
Lauri Novak Photography:

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Refresh: Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe
In between episodes of smoke filling the air from CA wildfires, I had a chance to go on an overnight rekkie to check out some areas around I haven't visited before. While I've been certainly to Eagle Falls many times, it's been awhile since I've done sunrise there. In fact, I avoid the area all summer on account of the crushing wave of tourists. Strangely, nary a one could be found at 5:30am! Lazy peeps. Haha!!

It was a fun adventure - and not that far from home.

It made me think... what simple adventures could YOU find not that far from home? Might be fun to get out and have one... there's still some summer left!

Fujifilm X-T2, 16-55mm lens
+LucrOit 6-stop ND filter and 100mm simple holder kit
+Really Right Stuff TQC-14 tripod and BH-40 ballhead.
ISO 200, f/16, 3.1 secs

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I love my Fujifilm gear. I so grateful to have such an incredible paintbrush to create my work with... it's opened my mind and taken me places I'd only dreamed of before. It's hard to explain some of how that happens with these cameras, but it does.

Working with such an amazing company has also been incredible. Fujfilm has a vision of photography that is unmatched, in my opinion - and my team there is peerless, truly the best of the best. I thank my lucky stars every day to have been blessed with such a crew and opportunity.

Consequently, I feel truly honored to have been chosen for Fujifilm's "Spotlight Series" of photographers.

This video was made on a stunning day this past January. After 25 feet of snow fell in a week, during which all we could do was hunker down and wait, this was the first day the snow stopped and we had a crack at making the video. I was beta-testing the GFX that week (turns out it really IS weather-sealed and handles blizzards just fine!) and the images were simply stunning. I mean, just over-the-top. This was the last day I had it - and literally drove to the mail center after this shoot to send it back! I nearly wept. haha...

A million thanks to my friend, the unbelievably talented +Justin Majeczky for his video work. He is a storyteller extraordinaire - and helped me tell mine so brilliantly. You should follow his work - he's going places, that one!

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The Everyday Genius of Your Artistic Voice: Part 3, Appearance is now live on my blog!

What does this photo say to you about the lady walking up the street? Whatever your answer, that opinion flashed into your mind in a fraction of a second.
And that's my point. This episode opens Pandora's box on how dramatically clothing affects how you come across overall. When traveling, it's smart to consider what impact you're making with your appearance, your voice and use of language.

This is partly because of how it makes YOU feel; but also because of how you're viewed and treated... and even affects your safety when running around a foreign country with camera gear.

I think it doesn't get talked about NEARLY enough amongst photographers. I've come to that conclusion not only from being online... but more, from being feet-on-ground in foreign countries. Seriously. This is a topic that needs to be talked (and implemented) about more!!

I've created this one with audio, the written version, images (including one of +Ugo Cei from Italy and his lovely wife demonstrating a lovely version of Euro-style for photographers) and links to expand your mind and check out more!
Image specs:
Fujifilm X-T2, 50mm f/2 lens
ISO 400, f/2.0, 1/800 sec.
In Paris, France

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"Roses": Lake Tahoe, CA
Sometimes you make an image somewhere remote, new, never-before-seen. Other times, you go with the moment in a spot where a million others have stood. Is it any less of a blessing?

I think not.

Thanks Mother Nature, for being the boss-mama that you are.
Specs: Fujifilm X-T2, 16-55mm lens
+LucrOit .6 ND & 1.2 GND filters, 100mm simple kit
+Really Right Stuff TQC-14 tripod, BH-40 ballhead.
ISO: 400, f/22, 26 sec.
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