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I love that the death of annual performance reviews continues to gain momentum.

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It's the App That's Broken, Not the HR Community
The author of the article (Work4Labs CEO Stéphane Le Viet) about the Social Jobs Application on Facebook claims that the lack of usage of the app is HR's fault - because HR professionals are resistance or scared of change in the social recruiting space.

Le Viet says...
“Being “found” on the Social Jobs App may not yet be a reality for many companies out there; this is not a matter of poor execution of the app, but rather the unfortunate fact of implementing any new technology before widespread industry adoption”

As someone that anxiously waited for this application to launch, and who checks back on the app's progress regularly, I'm calling "bull."
Missing jobs, inconsistent search results, and poor user experience is what I'd say is holding the app back.

I'd encourage anyone interested in seeing the app go forward to take the author up on his request to provide feedback related to their experience with the Social Jobs App (link below.)  
Will your feedback be considered by the developers (that haven't made any visible improvements to the app since it's launch months ago) and taken into consideration?  I don't know.  But your response to the ERE article might just help shed a little light on what the real challenge of adoption is in this instance.

Social Jobs Application: 

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SMARTI Goals for 2013
It's that time of year... we're all working on our 2013 goals and objectives and we've undoubtedly (at least those of us in corporate) been told that they must be "SMART," right?  C'mon, you know the acronym:


I'm going to challenge you to shake up this annual exercise and include "Inspiring" in your goal requirements.  Yes, the same ultimate delivery holds true in regards to ensuring your personal objectives align with the corporate vision and that everything you plug into your plan is focused on measurable outcomes vs. activities - nothing changes here, gang.
But let's stand up a little straighter this round.  Rather than simply adding some accountability to keep us motivated all year let's instead add some year-long motivation to our accountability.

This time around, create SMARTI goals.  (see what I did there? adding the "I" for Inspiring? slick, right?)
Consider incorporating elements of your passion into your personal objectives.  It's our passion that ultimately drives us to excel even our own expectations, after all - so get accountable to your own personal drive.
If you're already doing this, then great! At least you've now got a fun acronym to throw around the office and promote the idea with your team and peers.

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I'm tired of the "F" word
It's 2013, gang.  Let's stop telling everyone that it's okay to #fail  or holding hands and rallying around the sharing of these so called amazing stories of failure before #success .  After all, they're not really stories of failure as much as they are buzz-worded stories of persistence paying off.

In short:
Not hitting the ball on your first swing is not failure.
Dropping the bat and refusing to swing again is failure.
(let's stop dressing one up to make the other look more acceptable.)

So I'm just going to say it...
"Ladies and gentlemen, it's not okay to fail."

There.  It's out there.  Now do your best to deal with it.

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Your Instagram Privacy/Ownership Frustrations or Hey, it's free, folks!
I've chuckled all day at the people that are upset about their privacy and "rights" on the free social sharing platform, #Instagram .  If you've been in a cave the last few days then you missed the update that was released by Instagram to let everyone know that there were some changes headed your way - most notably in how your image(s) might be shared and/or affiliated with marketing efforts on behalf of Instagram.

The reality here is that the uproar is a bit humorous if you're someone already using #Facebook , #Twitter , #LinkedIn , etc.  Why?  Because you've been on these platforms providing a 'thumbs up' and endorsing products, companies and thoughts for what is likely years.  And if you weren't paying close enough attention to the ever-changing policies on each platform, your image (yes, an actual picture of YOU) has likely shown up on media sent to friends and strangers already.

The reality check here is that Instagram is a business - and you aren't contributing to their sustainability by uploading your "stuff" and demanding no company evolution in return.  

So what can you do!?
1. Deal with the changes while complaining (see: Facebook evolution)
2. Accept the idea of a pay model that hasn't been shared yet and stop being cheap.
2. Leave the free platform that is frustrating you.

I wonder how many people would really opt for the latter...

Worth noting is that co-founder Kevin Systromhas has issued a release that addresses the noise created from their announcement and credits the confusion to 'wording' in the new terms shared:

image source:
Instagram: From Zero to $1 Billion in 17 Months [INFOGRAPHIC]:

[edited for typo]

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Some Mobile Updates - via DICE Interview
I recently had the chance to catch up with +David Spark at the +PepsiCo JOBS hosted TalentNet Live event where we talked about some of the progress we've made in the mobile arena of recruiting.

A few things worth calling out that we're observing at PepsiCo:
- Mobile traffic continues to grow & remains a strategic imperative
- Incomplete "Mobile Apply" process has NO impact to completion rates
- mSite launch resulted in +800 apply starts within 30 days (trending)

You can grab the full article at the link below or simply consume the attached video. (Do both, David did a nice job of summarizing and sharing the discussion in both formats.)

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It Takes Practice or Looking for Passionate Doers
I believe that we're each given a gift of something that we've the potential to be amazing at in our lifetime.  It might be painting, singing, writing or any number of the arts.  
Or it might be something sometimes less celebrated or realized.  Skills in business, or people management, or ideation and collaboration.  But it's there - and while finding that skill or passion may be difficult, I believe that it's only ~10% of the responsibility we have to ourselves and our peers to continue to practice and one our abilities.

Lately I'm reminded of this by my daughters more than anyone else.  My wife (The Redhead) drops my oldest daughter off at school before the sun is up every weekday morning.  K (my daughter) heads to the gym an hour before the rest of her high school Drill Team to practice on her own.  She works on her own moves, pushes herself to fine-tune the team dances and tries to learn new routines.  Without fear, she's spending 50% more time above and beyond the expected ~10hrs of team and private dance practice she already attends.
To further impress, she videos herself not for vanity (okay, maybe there's a bit of vanity - she is her father's daughter, after all) but so that she can review and assess her own performance with the hope to constantly improve. [attached pic]

It should be the same outside of K's dance studios and in our own offices and workspaces, shouldn't it?  My hope is that everyone has one aspect of their job that forces them to get excited, implement ideas, experiment and improve.  My hope is that everyone has at least one piece of what they do that keeps them awake some nights because of anticipation for tomorrow.

We cheat ourselves if we don't constantly push forward and evolve.  We sell out to easy recognition if we're done after 'getting the job' or 'making the team.'  That round of applause, trophy or win should serve to not only rightfully recognize accomplishments but to also trigger continued development. 

Inspiration is as important as passion, in my opinion.  I'm constantly looking for people that push things forward and aren't afraid to "fall down" when trying something new (you did look at the attached picture, right?)  My goal over the last few months has been to try and find more people whose minds and hearts are running versus walking.  

And while it's been tough, I'll continue to look for 'doers' vs. 'talkers,' (because these are the people that collaborate vs. simply share.)  These are the people that are more interested in developing skills and driving change than getting recognition.  
I'm looking for those people that are in the gym practicing an hour before everyone else.  I'm looking for those individuals that are quietly getting results because they're driven by the activity itself rather than the trophies.  
I hope more of us will do the same.

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Lance Stole My Words and Facebook Broke My Heart
It's true - friend, +Lance Haun of ERE Media literally beat me to the punch in a write-up regarding the latest change to Facebook; a job board.

Lance's articulate response (more articulate than mine would have been, I'm sure) delivers a one-two punch to this absolutely heartbreaking effort by the "Social Jobs Partnership."  I know this will sound harsh but the reality is that the launch by is an #EpicFail  compared to what could/should have been.

Think about it...
We've had the ability for months to include not only our current and past employers but also education, interests, skills and past projects within our Facebook profiles.  Heck, we've even had the ability to list the peers we've collaborated with on each project!
Services already exist to match our Facebook profiles to potential jobs as well as find us "friends" that we're connected to at any number of employers with job listings in the hopes of landing a referral.

But alas, we don't see ANY of that functionality in the Social Job Partnership.  In fact, the only thing "social" about the entire app is how many partners seem to have come together to deliver this lack-luster solution.
( #Facebook+National Association of Colleges and Employers, +DirectEmployers Association and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (  #NASWA  ))

The worst part?  It doesn't even work effectively as an un-social (or would that be non-social?) aggregation of jobs - even from the partners listed. (check out Lance's in-depth search comparison.)

C'mon, guys... you really could have done better than this.
I suppose we can at least give them credit for listing in the about section of their page all of the things they're going to do.  But the page has been launched since Oct 14th - you'd think they'd have waited just a bit longer.  You know - until it actually worked.

In the interest of getting people back to work, the partnership plans to pursue a number of initiatives designed to more effectively leverage the utility of social networks in the job market: 
1. The partnership will conduct in-depth survey research about the ways in which job seekers, college career centers, and workforce recruiters are using the social web. 
2. The partnership will develop and launch a central page on Facebook that will host specialized resources, and content designed to help job seekers and employers. 
3. The partnership will explore and develop systems where new job postings can be delivered virally through the Facebook site at no charge. 
4. The partnership will promote existing employment programs and resources offered by government agencies for job hunters.
5. The partnership plans to distribute educational materials about leveraging the power of the social web to recruiters, government agencies and job seekers.

What a heartbreak.

Social Job Partnership:

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Good Intentions meets Lack of Experience
In a post by (new)  #Dallas  local, +lizzie maldonado on the Resnarkable blog (love the name, btw!) a reference was made in regards to the #CandidateExperience  session conducted by +sarah white and +Jason Leonard at TalentNetLive that I feel warrants a quick response...

First - I think that Lizzie should get props for posting on the topic at all.  I couldn't agree more in regards to people treating people like people, regardless of which side of the jobseeking/recruiting fence they reside.  We definitely need to see more of this across the board and from all parties involved.

What I'd like to call out is the quote provided within the body of the article.  While I'm not sure that these were +sarah white's words exactly, they are a bit short sighted in the context we find them within the post:

"If we were all just nice and if we all treated people like people, we wouldn’t need to survey 17,000 candidates to see what the problems are in the candidate experience."

The reality is that simply "being nice" would neither fix nor have prevented the need to continually monitor and try to improve the candidate experience.  (As much as I wish it could!!!)

There are a list of other issues that come in to play when we address candidate experience concerns that go far beyond our "manners."  _Internally alone_ an employer and recruiting marketing team must monitor or manage communication lines/languages, system challenges, volume considerations, compliance issues, etc.

In short, it doesn't matter how polite, considerate or empathetic we may be as employers because that's just a small, albeit important, piece of the puzzle.  
Constantly connecting with the audience, constantly pushing technology to evolve (with the candidate in mind, not just the company) and constantly making sure we're on top of both everyone's expectations and deliverables means that we take the journey seriously.

In my humble opinion, it's a serious topic that has long-term implications that don't go away regardless of how nice we are.

Resnarkable: TalentNetLive:
Candidate Experience Awards:

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Yet Another Social Media Info-Video
Yeah, I know we all groan every time a #recruiter or "guru" kicks off a presentation with some iteration of the attached video - but the reality is that there are always a few interesting nuggets within that are worth consuming.

Some of the #socialmedia  stats are pretty recycled/refreshed - but here are a few that stuck with me after watching:
1. Each day, 20% of Google searches have never been searched before
2. The Explorer launch on Fb generated more traffic than a Super Bowl ad
3. 92% of kids under 2yrs old have a digital shadow
4. 72hrs of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute
5. Every second, 2 new members join LinkedIn
6. Babies in Egypt have been named "facebook" & "twitter"
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