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TWS gives voice to people on the margins of society.
TWS gives voice to people on the margins of society.

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Influential Huffington Post film critic Roger Crow names 30 top films for 2013 - nestling amongst the Hollywood blockbusters at Number 4 is our very own "The Happy Lands" - "a powerful piece of work - a rough, sparkling diamond." 

Top Ten in reverse order are:

10: The East: Subversive shoestring thriller. Simple. Inspired. Brilliant.
9: Despicable Me 2: The most lucrative CG 'toon of the year
8:Pacific Rim: Guillermo del Toro's love letter to Japanese monster movies 
7: Elysium: Matt Damon was riveting as a terminally Ill, mechanically enhanced freedom fighter 
6: Star Trek Into Darkness: JJ Abrams' bolder Enterprise was epic sci-fi at its best. 
5: Django Unchained: Quentin Tarantino's overlong revenge Western boasted a great script and superb performance from Christoph Waltz. 
4: The Happy Lands: Robert Rae's community acted depiction of the 1920s Fife miner's strike was a powerful piece of work, beautifully lensed by the late Scott Ward - a rough, sparkling diamond.
3: Captain Phillips: Tom Hanks' Lazarus-like comeback began with this nail-bitingly gripping fact-based thriller.
2: Philomena: Thanks to a great script by Jeff Pope and Steve Coogan, as well as a top turn by Coogan and Judi Dench, 
1: Gravity: Thrilling, moving, exhausting.

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A great interview in The Sheffield Star with Joki Wallace, who plays Dan Guthrie, on The Happy Lands.


"My worst memory was not having anything. We got money to look after the bairns – I had two daughters – and milk tokens,” said Joki, (...) “It was hellish. I had to tell the building society I couldn’t pay the mortgage. They said we could square up when it was over. They probably thought it would last a fortnight – it lasted a

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Hello Happy Landers, 

We know a lot of you have been ordering The Happy Lands as a Christmas present for their loved ones and we wanted to let you know that if you order by 18:00 on Tuesday the 17th we will make sure that you receive your DVD by Christmas however if you order after that date we cannot guarantee the arrival of the film in time

You can order now on Distrify at the link below:

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Review of The Happy Lands in the prestigious Empire Magazine.

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Hello Happy Landers, 

Great news, you can now purchase a full A1 size film poster for The Happy Lands at £7.99 via Distrify using the link below.

Better act fast, there is a limited number available.

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A great interview with the Director, Robert Rae, in the Socialist Worker complete with a competition to win The Happy Lands on DVD

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Hello Happy Landers, 

We have designed a new flyer to let people know that The Happy Lands is now on sale and we need you to help us share with as many people as possible, you can even print it and hand it out to people, shops and anyone who has enjoyed the film. 

Thank you all for your support so far, 

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Some great support for The Happy Lands from the Unison Solidarity International. 

Head over to their website to read all about the different aspects of the film and their impact on people.

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Nominated for an Audience Award at Sunday night's BAFTA's - here's Archie King's brilliant account of his evening amongst the stars!

"Karno's Adventures in BAFTA Land".

Well it went like this. I got there at 6 and blagged my way at the door - first of all a free after party ticket. Yes we're in there folks! Then she says, "excuse me sir would you mind sitting at the BBC table no 33 under the name of Charles Marx" - well I was grinning from ear to ear. So upstairs to a champagne reception, my first encounter was with Victor Meldrew "I just don't believe it" I says to him, we both laughed and I introduced myself - "Archie King representing the Happy lands". I felt proud as punch - does it get any better?...
Yes! I find myself a couch the size of a giant marshmallow and got cumfy, suddenly a tall slim blond in a red dress walks toward me out from a shimmering light, smiling. "Hi" she says, "I am ..." ,"Yes I know you're Kirsty Wark - pleased to meet you". She sat with me for ages and we talked about this and that and loads about The Happy Lands and she was intrigued by the whole concept. "Well done to all" - by this time ma head wiz the size o Humpty Dumpty!!
The evening goes on with a brief encounter with Brian Cox - a was going to ask him if he wanted a pint and a pey but thought not. So walking on a cloud of air I went back to mingling when suddenly the girl at the reception who was looking for me says "Sorry sir, but we cant let you have the seat at the BBC table, it's taken." Well ma bubble burst - I protested nicely but to no avail I walked away head down kicking stanes and after a while a rose my head and carried on like a Fifer and had a damn good time!
Am sorry I did not find out what the outcome of the evenings results was but there again I don't think anybody knew what the feck was going either! The night continued on with me chatting with a few of the cast from "Chewing the Fat" about this an that likes ye ken. 
By this time the effects of the champagne has had an adverse effect on the crowd we went all went rubber legged, tae say the least, so I searched out my marshmallow couch to get my legs back again - but it was full of women. "Have you a wee space for an auld boy?" "Sure sit hear" and we chatted away - women to the left of me, women to the right - here I am stuck in the middle! By the time I was done blethering to them they were all going to buy The Happy Lands dvd for there dyes and there dads Christmas!
This is only some of the encounters of Karnos evening, far to much to say ... it was half past one when I left the awards party. As I left I felt so proud to have been there - whatever the outcome. We might not have won anything but most important we took part in something unique - it was called THE HAPPY LANDS.

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Feedback from Seattle:

 "This was a film that our judges unanimously recommended for selection, and everyone I know who saw it found it beautifully made, compelling, and moving. It was well received by the audience and it was a privilege to include it in the festival. 

I want to note for the record that only 3 weeks after The Happy Lands was shown at our festival, voters in the Seattle suburb of Sea-Tac approved the highest minimum wage in the United States: $15 an hour--a minimum that has been unheard-of until now. I am not claiming that the two events are linked! However, we are very proud to have your film at our festival and we hope and expect it will be the start of a strong pro-union tradition in our selections."

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