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It's time we ass holes had some form of tradition, so this will be our first annual Catalina Fucking Wine Mixer!!!

This IS a tacky Christmas sweater party... The Whittier, the better!

We will provide food... Bring your own booze!

It's gonna be helicopters and shit...

At or crib... RSVP with either Soutouras for directions, and secret safety word!

Kendra and Mike

Sooo.. Today, I drove Dave to school, intricately painted my living room, made Corin's Halloween costume, went clothes shopping for both kids, and gave my husband a hair cut.. So, basically, I'm a chaufer, an interior decorator, a fashion designer, a fashion stylist, and a cosmetologist...  WOW.. all this not having a "job" makes me exhausted.. and makes me wonder how the HELL I don't make 6 figures!

Watching "Women On Death Row" on BIO.  This woman is sitting on death row, awaiting execution, for the brutal murders of her two young sons in the late '90s.  She has continuously fought for her innocence, staying her execution.  Here's the deal... As a mother, the ONLY reason, after all this time, that I would continue fighting this, would be for fear of my soul... Otherwise (if I were innocent -- after ALL these years), I'd just be ready to go "home" to be with my babies... Bitch is GUILTY... PERIOD... Ammiright???

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Added photos to Kendra Soutouras's Stand-Up Debut.

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Come sit with my sexy husband, +Michael Soutouras, while I say funny shit on stage!! .... There will be booze...

Today was my d'evolution... I shot a shot gun, drove a sports car, and now, I'm eating some bloody, bloody red meat... Good day... Good, good day.. :)

I shot a shot gun today.... I think my balls just dropped!

Time to make fondant!! Today's order: 12 Strawberry Short Cakes, 12 Lemony Custard Cupcakes, & a French Vanilla Gender Reveal Cake!

War Horse.. War Horse.. A-glip, glep, gloppedy gloo!
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