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Playing the game of life!
Playing the game of life!

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Damm a big delay with C9!!!
I was hoping to get my character today but the old cliend dont work at all.

Here the news:

The files that instructed as OBT client a week ago had some minor problems. That have to be fixed for the client and re-built up a new final OBT client.

The download links will be given soon with further notices.


Thats is near 4gb and the link is not up yep... well this is going to be a pain in the ass ToT

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Yeah im working in a few things and im plaing some browser games this is another one and until now is very fun since im doing a lot of things at the same time.

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I like it, i can say is someway soft, is perfect for listening when im working.

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I play sometimes and is a fun game to play, give it a try if u have time ^^

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Character Pre-Creation Privilege for C9 only for a few days!!

Come on the open beta is getting closer and closer!! =D

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A Goddess sing for us!! Show respect god dammit XD

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Epic in every way!!
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