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Going to the Airport?
Going to the Airport?

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A1A Safety Meeting at the Delray Beach Marriott.

Safety is our number #1 Concern. We are building a culture of Safety at

Common Distractions while driver
*Texting, Phone Calls, GPS Manipulation
*Eating or Drinking
*Adjusting the Radio
*Completing Paperwork
*Routing/Trip Planning

Before any trip ensure that you are ready to driver and eliminate all possible distractions. Answer any texts, calls or emails prior to driving. Elimination distractions can help you prevent accidents.

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Check out a SOR student performance.

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Travel Tips...

The Future of Corporate + Business Travel

A new report from the Global Business Travel Association this week got us thinking about choices — specifically, how employers can enable their travelers to choose options that make sense for everyone when a multitude of options are easily available.

According to the GBTA study, nearly 80 percent of business travelers in the United States (and more than 70 percent in a few other countries) said they would rather use self-service tools to manage their own travel than turn to their employer’s travel department or an agency. Many more of those travelers were going directly to airlines, hotels, online booking sites, or car rental services than travel management companies or itinerary management apps.

There wasn’t much guidance from employers when it came to apps: Just 20 percent or fewer of those who responded said their company had specific apps they required for business travel, while about half said no travel apps were recommended.

As mobile use continues to increase, how are travel managers supposed to keep their travelers engaged and satisfied but also booking by the rules? Are incentives for making company-approved choices the way to go? Do employers need to reconsider their travel policies altogether — or at least give marching orders that acknowledge the ease with which travelers can research and book trips however they want?

The answers may vary for different companies, but one thing is for certain: Ignoring the problem won’t solve anything.

— Hannah Sampson, Skift

Social Quote of the Day

– Don’t get in strangers’ cars
– Don’t meet ppl from internet

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A1ALimo has Signed up with Deem Car Service!

After a six month review of all the systems available in the market place we have concluded that Deem's newest Dispatch & Reservation System Whisk offers the best Solution in this new tech environment.

We hope you'll join our expanding network of partners as we embark on this exciting new frontier that will revolutionize and future-proof the chauffeured transportation industry. If you're ready to get on board with a fully integrated solution offering full GDS integration, highly responsive customer and chauffeur facing apps, Excellent reporting and an API for interfacing with QuickBooks and other external systems. Then join us on the extremely advanced Whisk Platform.

Deem is a technology company that serves the Travel and Car Service industries. Their goal is to unite these two industries and provide the best and easiest travel experience for customers. Deem currently serves the operator community, corporate customers, as well as travel management companies. Deem created the electronic booking for car service reservations back in 2000, and because it’s in their DNA, they will continue to provide the market with the best solutions, with a fresh infusion of $35 million they are the best funded technology company in the ground transportation arena. A1A & Deem a partnership for the future.

A1A Limo will be exhibiting at the Global Business Travel Association -GBTA Convention in Denver. GBTA is where elite travel professionals go to keep on top of the latest information on in policy business travel programs and innovations.

Join A1ALimo@GBTA as well as almost 7,000 business travel professionals from around the world for a week of unsurpassed education, networking and technological innovation at the Colorado Convention Center. If your a travel manager attending GBTA we would love to show you just how much we can save your organization. A1A is a Global Ground Transportation Network Provider with fully vetted affiliates in our 850 cities around the globe. Full GDS intergration and top of the line customer service makes A1A a must see at the GBTA Convention. A1A just won the prestigious Limousine Operator of the Year award for 2016. Don't miss us at The Business Travel Event of the Year®.

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