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Joe Burden
Don't fill up on bread.
Don't fill up on bread.


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A short clip I made for the day job. I've since noticed two or three glaring things I badly want to fix, but it's too late to change now!

Still, work and the BBMF are happy with it, which is the main thing...

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I'm sure anyone with their finger even slightly on the cultural/comic book pulse will have watched this many times already, but here's our take on the X-Men Apocalypse trailer.

Spoiler alert: It looks genuinely awesome!

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Which is a worse idea?
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Han Solo Origin Film
Indiana Jones 5

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Just 14 hours until 2016... Perfect time to reflect on the stories that made my 2015!

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#DMF still functions: Check out Loops #shortfilm announcement and 2015 round up here:

2015 did not live up to expectation. 2016 is going to be much better, yes?

Hi, I moderate the business account Since the upgrade the Google+ account for this email address has disappeared, and I'm asked to create an account every time I log in.

Since this is a business account with a lot of content and connections I would like to see it reinstated but can find no advice on how to do so. Please can you help?



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New #DMF post about the deserved winners of @FilmNorthants 2015 | #film #shortfilm #filmmaking

A post about the deserved winners of Film Northants 2015 and a brief, unfulfilling update on current DMF projects.

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Check out the latest DMF blog post about #shortfilm Pretty Gone Diggin' here:

In June the DMF crew behind Raindance-screened short film The Hunt collaborated again on another 48-hour film project. This is the result...
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