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Secret Mission: Success

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As promised. Relevant to +Rowan Cota and +Mickey Schulz

That's Hawkeye and his dog Lucky napping while Viv Vision feeds her penguin friend and Kate Bishop tests homing arrows, with besties Jocasta and Wasp take selfies. (You might not see Wasp, she's floating around Jocasta all tiny.) [Also seen: Singularity, Hulk, and Spider-Gwen]

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For all still fighting:

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Everything is beautiful, if you look at it in the way it was meant to be seen.

Without polluting someone else's thread with off-topicness, I want to shout out to +Andy Sirkin for posting in +Rowan Cota's thread and giving me a legit alternative to calling people "crazy" or "stupid" or something else ableist.

Thank you, Andy. So much. And Rowan, for providing the environment in which that was born.

Bonkers it is.

Things That are Still Beautiful:

1. My partner and part of my soul, Rowan.
2. My friends
3. The two dogs with which I am fortunate enough to share a house, Jack and Reggie
4. My cat, who is currently embarrassed and irritated that I'm even mentioning her
5. I don't work, and there is a gentle, up-to-an-inch, snowstorm outside that is just LOVELY to watch from in front of a fireplace with a glass of wine.
6. The Boyscouts are allowing trans-boys
7. The house smells of slow-cooking chicken, and I just finished a mountain of handmade potato salad to go with it.
8. Twenty One Pilots, just in general, but Blurryface is an amazing album in its entirety
9. The Lego Batman Movie Lego sets are solid fucking gold, and I want every single Harley and Ivy fig.
10. Avengers Academy
11. Dragonvale
12. People are still loud, angry, and refusing to normalize. For all the good it isn't doing. At least they're still resisting.

I haven't posted much, because I'm exhausted, I'm terrified, I'm anxious literally all the time, and have been running a mild to severe panic attack since about the middle of January. The focus of my anxiety shifts almost hourly. Every day is harder to force myself through the physical motions of completing my day, in order to get to the end of it, talk to Rowan, and go to sleep so tomorrow comes and I can repeat it. The world is cold, ugly, and unfriendly, and I'm really, really afraid.

But I am alive, and there is yet beauty all around us. And I think that, instead of whatever imaginary monster is chewing on my brain at the moment, is far worthier of mention here.

"Man, this show is bleak. Which I might expect of a show called "Frontier." I mean, my internet is called Frontier, and it's pretty fucking bleak, too." - Me

"They are carpenters and gardeners. They are not tomato men."

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Changing room selfie

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Beautiful Chaos 
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