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Now the website has moved to the new server, things should work and they should, but you never know. If you run into something that's bugged, just give us a shout! :)

Our website is moving to another server today, hopefully everything will work as it should. But if issues arise, don't hesitate to give us a shout! :)

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Today we bring you a free e-book give-away from the aspiring sci-fi author Johan Dahlgren. He's giving away three copies of his sci-fi novel every day. Just follow the link!

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Nemuer just released their second album “Labyrinth of Druids” (LoD) which is the official soundtrack for an upcoming video game of the same title. The main essence of this album is a terribly dark Lovecraftian atmosphere that is built by suggestive, sinister and dreamy tones of acoustic guitar combined with haunting symphonic parts. Apart from “The Main Theme”, which is epic and melancholic at the same time, the most remarkable is the super-eerie track “Caves of Damnation” of which vocals were recorded in a real cave. “The Castle” is dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft and it is set in one of his most famous stories “The Outsider”.

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After some issues with the main radio server, I think (and hope) it's back on track again. I will continue to tweak it and keep track of it during the day. So if you get disconnected, try again in a few minutes.

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We have gotten at least three relays back on the air as well! So you should be able to tune in pretty easily using our webplayer :)

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If you would like to listen to Radio Rivendell using Winamp, iTunes or other software, just add this address:

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FINALLY! Our beloved radio is back on the air! The new server is up and running and you can now listen again. We're however in early mode and we're not yet displaying what's on. I just wanted to bring it back as early as possible :)


The main radio server has collapsed a little, this results in radio silence at the moment. I will give it a good kick this evening when I get back home from work.

Sorry about the radio silence!

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Today I give you 17 new tracks by the following artists:

City of the Shroud – Chris J. Nairn
Untold Stories – Elvya Dulcimer
Saelle – Susanna Marras
Tracks by Ty Berry and Alperen Kocak
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