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Rubbermaid offers Home Organization products & solutions that help you get your home in order
Rubbermaid offers Home Organization products & solutions that help you get your home in order


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We've just update the Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids containers to include a new and improved OnePress Seal™ lid. Be sure to check it out at:

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Rubbermaid Clean & Dry™ Plunger with NeverWet™ Superhydrophobic Nanotechnology

The Clean & Dry™ plunger helps keep your bathroom cleaner and more sanitary. Traditional plungers pick up germs and bacteria that can spread when dripped on floors or in cabinets. The Clean & Dry plunger head and pole is protected with NeverWet™ coating, which forms a protective shield around them that water cannot penetrate. It works like car wax, the water beads up and rolls off instantly.

For additional information please visit our website at:

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Rubbermaid is proud to announce our Instant Summer Fun giveaway. Register today for a chance to win $2,500 to host your family reunion and 16 weekly Summer Fun Prize Packs!

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Our new Clean & Dry Plunger with Super Hydrophobic Nano Technology Coating is now available for sale on for only $12.99.

I know what you're saying... 'it's a plunger'. But it's super cool. Check it out.

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Check out our new line of Bathroom Cleaning Tools. Everything you need to help you keep your bathroom clean.

For more information please visit:
Rubbermaid Bathroom Cleaning Tools
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A few times a year we hold an Organization Day at Rubbermaid. Everyone organizes their areas, we have training, games, and fun.
Rubbermaid Organization Day - 4/27/2012
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It's time again for Five Minute Friday: Get a head start on spring cleaning and dust a room in your house for 5 minutes!

What are some other ways to get organized within 5 minutes?

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Professional Organizer Beth Zeigler shares her tips on how to purge items from your home. A MUST read if you have too much clutter around the house. (Be sure to leave comments)

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Don’t forget to enter our Bento Sweepstakes in the new Target colors. We are choosing winners every week -

Do you remember the first Earth Day you celebrated? What do you remember about it? Mine was the 20th Anniversary in 1990 at Point State Park in Pittsburgh. A beautiful day filled with sunshine, music and hope.
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