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Steve Dee
Writer. Game Designer. Madman.
Writer. Game Designer. Madman.

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Pax Oz panel submissions are open who has ideas to speak on or ideas about what they'd like to hear?

Is anyone going or thinking of going to GammaCon in Canberra in August? They want panelists...

The showbag competition the TGDA did was good - got lots of chatter going, and some great designs. I was thinking perhaps we should do something similar. Maybe design a mini game and the winner will get some sort of promotion at PAX this year. For example, printed on the back of some Tin Star Games postcards we hand out.

Any thoughts? 

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New dragon info for Shadow of the Demon Lord PLUS stuff that hit the cutting room floor

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What are the fonts used in SotDL again? 

Just put this out on the TGDA, it also applies here.

Here's a bit of a long post/thought dump. The answer might be "we're not there yet" or something equally obvious.
I'm a big process guy. I'm interested in not just how I design my games but how everyone is designing games and getting them to market and how to do that better. I love the TGDA for helping with this, so much so we set up the RPG version. I love that people are sharing knowledge and we're doing events like Protospiel. But I also see a lot of duplication of effort. Most notably, every time a game creator makes a game, they incorporate, handle every part of being a business and even a distributor themselves, and run the Kickstarter themselves. Obviously this reduces costs but it also reduces knowhow and it's inefficient. I have a friend who is tiptoeing into this area: he sells himself as KS runner. I sell myself as a Game Consultant in much the same way, I'll help you with any step of the design process. But it seems to me there's a lot of self publishing going on, and not a lot of pitching to companies.

Obviously, companies are small and want to publish their own stuff! And therefore, to get published, we have to make our own companies. I'm not saying I know how to solve this. I'm saying our next step needs to be finding ways to build bigger companies who don't just publish in house stuff. Australia versions of FFG and Hasbro and Z-Man. How can we do this? Or is the market not there yet?

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Finalists revealed for the #200WordRPG Challenge!

There are some incredible entries here, along with judge comments!

Reply to this if you'll be at GX this weekend!

My 200 word RPG entry.

The Day They Came

Nobody expected it to happen so fast. But at least, the borders were still open, and the teleporters were still operational. We could get off earth. But nothing dead would travel.

The healthiest player starts. If in doubt, choose the youngest male person. Then choose any other order of play.

The first player takes the second where the others cannot hear them. The first player chooses an item they are carrying or wearing. Show it to the second player and give them a Sharpie. They have one minute to sketch the item on their body, while you tell them a story about what the item means to you. The first player returns to the others. The second player shows their picture to the third and tells the story while they have one minute to draw. Repeat for all players.

The last player returns to the others and presents their sketch and tells the story of the days on earth, and about this amazing precious item their ancestor once owned. Remember that earth is long gone so if you’re not sure what the picture is or what parts of the story mean, you’ll have to guess or extrapolate. 
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