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Writer. Game Designer. Madman.
Writer. Game Designer. Madman.


My 200 word RPG entry came together in a flash. As usual, I can’t escape political satire. Last year’s was much the same. There’s some cutting stuff in here. It’s designed to attack society, not people. I hope that comes through.


Got an important meeting and just can’t get there? Don’t waste your time with cyber-presence. Our hosts are waiting. Wearing special headbands linked to their phone, your face will appear over theirs. They see a real living person – no tiny screens, no being stuck to the wall. Make a “personal” appearance without leaving your couch. That’s convenience. That’s aPeer.

Everyone finds a picture of a celebrity, about A4 size. Ideally one they admire. Cut it out of the magazine or advertisement or print it out.

Gather. Pass your celebrity to the player to your left.

Pick up the picture and hold it over your face. That person is now using your body through aPeer. Talk to the other celebrities. You’re all at the same event, how exciting. Talk about how you don’t normally use aPeer but there’s a taxi strike, a fuel shortage or you had trouble finding a babysitter. They don’t have a union but you always tip.

Comment on how nice your aPeer host is. Perhaps the last one was a bit smelly or a bit fat? Commiserate others if they got a fat one.

Leave a comment for your aPeer host, and a rating out of five.
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I'm in Melbourne already. Let's hang.

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Now we have a dedicated, 24/7 Discord channel if you need to chinwag.

It's for all tabletop but we're blending, baby

Meet Up At PAX? When and where?

Ugh, I have lost my muse. What do you do to get it back?

Hey I made a quiz for the factions in my game!
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Should I swear in my RPG? It's an adult game but it's not necessary hugely but neither is it perhaps necessary to cut them out. Is it worth the effort to be PG? There's a lot of gore and adult themes so far.

The TGDA has a booth at PAX and a showbag they give out, which will include a USB. Both are fantastic opportunities to get your game into the hands of players, or promotional material for your game. Check it out on Facebook or let me know if you can't find it.

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Two takeaways from GAMMACON, mostly for Canberra folk but useful to know:

Guild, the tabletop restaurant in Canberra is SUPER MAD KEEN to support the community and industry, and will be happy to host your launches and events. Contact Anita at

Second, GamePlus is a co-working space for game devs and although they've started so far with computer games they are super keen to support TT game devs and do unpubs and such. They are at or contact Jarrod directly on

Speaking of unpubs, we've got a Sydney unpub group going now in the city on the last Sunday of every month, and tabletop RPGs are welcome.
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