Trying to come up with a dragon for FAE. Thoughts on this?

Red Dragon
High Concept: Ferocious Red Dragon
Trouble:    Rushes into Action
Aspect:   My Favorite
Aspect:          Loyal Friend
Aspect: Burnin' Hot

Fargandela the Red 
Descriptive text about this young red dragon.... 

Careful +1
Clever +4
Flashy +4
Forceful +5
Quick +3
Sneaky +3

Stunt: Because I Breathe Fire,  I get a +2 when I Forcefully attack with my Firebreath.

Stunt: Because I am a scary red dragon, once per session I can make even the biggest liar tell the truth. 

Special: If a Dragon's Firebreath attack Succeeds with Style, the zone impacted becomes too hot to handle. Anyone in the zone takes a three shift hit when it's their next turn to act.
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