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Christian Oliver
Director of Business Intelligence @ | Digital Media Strategist since '95
Director of Business Intelligence @ | Digital Media Strategist since '95

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Google Photos bait & switch. Now I'm forced to pay because there's no way to easily distinguish which photos are taking up space and which ones aren't.
If I can't figure this out quickly, I may remove all my photos from Google. Fortunately there are plenty of alternative services.
Convert photos to "high resolution"

There is currently no one click solution to convert photos while they're still on your cloud

I wish

shame but true

The ONLY way to take advantage of the new 16 MP unlimited quota is to upload via new Google photo web site, the new desktop uploader app or the new mobile app

If the photos are already uploaded Google might not want to upload them again so you might need to delete them first.

Easiest way is to do this "en masse" is to use Google Photos folder on your Google drive

1/ Download all your photos if you don't have a copy

2/ Delete all your photos

3/ Use desktop uploader or mobile app to upload them all in double quick time at 16 mp free storage

4/ Empty the originals from the bin to reclaim your full storage back

Faster than you might imagine

Of course you will have to recreate any album tags and you will lose any references/links you've made to the original photos although photos posted to Google plus will remain untouched


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A personal assistant who schedules meetings for you. Join me on the @xdotai waitlist:

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Because you don't need to lose someone to support those who have #kcgala #facegrieftogether 
Kate's Club Gala
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Trello is a key part of my productivity 
The Ultimate Board of Trello Tips & Tricks -
We'll give you the weekend to get them memorized.

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The most talented, thought-provoking, game-changing people are never ‘normal’: 

The horror! Apple is doomed! Thieves can keep and use your Apple Watch if they steal it! Short Apple now!!! 

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It was pretty hard to agree on anything today. +Etan Horowitz and +Gaurav Bhandari Duke it out. Pun intended.… 
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Friday coffee meeting with walk along the cemetery 

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Learned a lot today from Ren Doughty about cupping and identifying coffee flavors. Also corrected some of my brewing mistakes while touring Atlanta's Batdorf & Bronson 

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Love Amy!
techcrunch article on / honestly, I am pretty impressed with what we achieved since April last year. Patting myself on the back as we speak.. 
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