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For #TireTuesday‬ check out my story on the +BMWBLOG where I cover an urban legend that all-season tires are best for wet conditions.
We set to find out the best all-season tires for rain conditions. A comparison test between the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S+ and the Pilot Super Sport
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In an effort to create great content, sometimes you have to take efforts into your own hands. And since I am definitely a small fish in a big media pond, that means I have to find ways to get where I need to be.

My trip to +VIRginia International Raceway to cover +BMW Motorsport was basically a last minute idea that some how seemed to pan out. I had a great time being back with Team +BMW USA and hanging with my BMW Car Club of America friends, even though it was a little bit warm for this boy from the PNW.

Since quite a few people don't fully comprehend the dedication I have to covering +BMW Motorsport, I thought I would write up a quick column for the #BMW CCA ‪Roundel‬ Weekly.

This weekend at the +Circuit of The Americas with +Michelin USA will be a little bit different...

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At the beginning of August, I was working on putting together Roundel Weekly when I saw the story for the BMA CCA Car Corral at the Oak Tree Grand Prix at Virginia International Raceway. I read the description and it sounded like the Tarheel and National Capital Chapters had put together quite ...
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Back in June I was invited by +BMW USA to attend a Two-Day +BMW M School at the new +BMW Performance Center at The Thermal Club. The purpose of me flogging these beautiful BMWs for two days was to share the experience on the BMW Car Club of America's social media channels and write-up a story for the Club's award-winning Roundel magazine.

The article is featured in this month's issue, and if you are a #BMW CCA member, you can read it online at

I want to thank Mike Renner for the amazing weekend as I wouldn't be able to knock this off my bucket-list without this opportunity! I hope to be able to do more with the #BMWPC in the future as the content went over really well. And stay tuned as there is still more to come!

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It was a great weekend at +Virginia Interviews covering +BMW Motorsport at the +TUDOR Championship Oak Tree Grand Prix!

You can see my coverage via my #OTGP twitter collection here:

Once again I tried to step up the quality of my content, thus what I shared was mostly created using a DSLR. Unfortunately due to some technical issues, I did not have time to practice beforehand. Thus, the quality wasn't as high as I would like, but I know what was wrong and how I will make it better in the future.

It was great to see my +Michelin USA+BMW USA Motorsport, Fall-Line Motorsports, and #BMW Car Club of America friends again. See you guys in a few weeks at the +Circuit of The Americas!

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I am happy to announce that I will be attending the +TUDOR Championship Oak Tree Grand Prix at +VIRginia International Raceway August 20-23.

My main point of focus for the weekend will be to cover +BMW Motorsport on both my own and the +BMW Car Club of America's social media channels.

Please send me a message if you want to meet up, or to schedule some time to talk about opportunities for next season.

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#ThrowbackThursday : It's kind of amazing, now that I think about it, that it was 3 years ago today that I was laid off from +Callaway Golf. I spent years learning to become an engineer at +Portland State University and then worked so hard to prove my worth.

Since that day I have been working even harder to get a new career going as I truly feel this is the right path for me. Unfortunately though, I have not had that much luck. That's why I think today is a great day to announce that I will be relocating to Richmond, Virginia.

I am excited to be heading to the East Coast! I will be closer to my friends at +Michelin USA, +BFGoodrich Tires, +BMW USA, and BMW Car Club of America. Plus, I will be much closer to most of the +TUDOR Championship races making it easier to cover +BMW Motorsport.

Before the start of 2016, I will have finished my Content Strategy Certification from the +UW (University of Washington) and be looking to get this career moving in the right direction in #RVA .

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You can read all about my trip to the Lone Star Le Mans at the +Circuit of The Americas with +Michelin USA in my recent +BMWBLOG story.
This was just one of the many highlights of an amazing weekend at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas put together by Michelin.
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I am excited to be heading back to the +Circuit of The Americas with +Michelin USA next weekend for the Lone Star Le Mans. The double-header of the +TUDOR Championship and +·FIA WEC races should make for an epic trip!

I will be writing a story for the +BMWBLOG with a focus on Michelin and +BMW Motorsport's technical partnership.

My schedule will be fairly packed, but if you are going to be there, I'd love to meet up and talk about possibilities for the 2016 season.

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I finally broke down and bought an +Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. For less than $17 a month, I felt it was finally worth it. I have been managing with free software for a while, but with video becoming more important, I definitely needed Premiere Pro!

Plus, I need to learn how to use +Adobe Photoshop, +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and InDesign as I see them as requirements for quite a few digital marketing job postings.

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I am excited to be heading to the +TUDOR Championship Oak Tree Grand Prix at +VIRginia International Raceway this weekend!

In my constant effort to improve my quality of content, I have borrowed some professional Canon gear from some good friends. Plus, I have been approved for a photographer's credential!

This will allow me to get a little more up close and personal with +BMW Motorsport this weekend. Be sure to follow me on my other social media channels to get all the updates:

Twitter =
Instagram =

Looks like it's going to be a great weekend and I hope to see +BMW Motorsport  on the top step of the podium again!

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Picture courtesy of +BMW USA 
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#FollowFriday : I am happy to announce that I have been contracted by Adventure Drives to manage their social media accounts for their AD.01 drive over the next couple weeks.

You can follow along here and on:
Twitter -
Instagram -

I am excited for this opportunity as there are some amazing content creators behind this project and I think we can produce some great work!

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Great class tonight on +Google​ Tag Manager in my +UW (University of Washington)​ Content Strategy Certification course!
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An enthusiastic, multi-faceted professional with expertise in product development, project management, and data analysis. My field of work is diverse with working on teams for sales, marketing, and engineering. My strengths include managing of people, projects, and data, designing of systems that are efficient and accurate, and relating to my customers, both internal and external. A proven team developer who can educate, coach, and motivate a group to achieve goals. I am interested in Brand Management and Marketing where I can utilize all of my skills to produce a successful product.

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