Okay, here's basically how our first session went today (players, help me out there);

The party of four - a scout, an archer-knight, a cleric and an spartan warrior - are dropped in front of a pair of double doors leading into a mountain side. According to rumor, the land holds various ancient vaults of stuff from an ancient empire that once ruled the continent. Sounds like an opportunity, right?

Turns out the double doors were ajar, and foot traffic around the entrance was heavy. Shortly after entering, they found out how and why; there were hostile humanoids patrolling the abandoned vault!

Killing a single sentry at the entrance, they decide the time for caution is now, and carefully cover their blind spots as they move into a larger chamber. The chamber is so large, they only saw the left half of it and still had a wealth of closed doors to choose from. The chamber had some strange and large writing covering parts of the floor (big and red, almost like a foot path) - which the PCs with writing tools copied down, just in case.

Opening one door lead to a room full of corpses, all of them dressed in regular clothing and of various races. They were seemingly killed by relatively normal weaponry, judging by their wounds.

Leaving the corpse pile and heading down a dark corridor, the archer spotted a disguised door at its end, which slid open easily once the handle was located.

Slid open to reveal several more sentries, to be precise!! The men immediately attacked the party, mostly fought with mutual arrow volleys. Until the spartan shield-rushed into melee range and murderised one sentry and the other was pin-cushioned into unconsciousness.

Unfortunately, the party soon realized that the sentries were just two of more than nine other men. Men who were taking up positions, with bows, throughout a corridor lined with electric wires. The other sentries saw fit to give no assistance to their comrades as the PCs fought them, partly due to having no shot at them and partly out of a selfish reluctance to risk dodging the electric wires that barricaded the corridor.

Once the PCs started wandering into their line of sight, however, some choose to fire their arrows and hope for a hit. Thanks to the party's wariness and speed, however, they only caught off guard for a second. Not a single hit was taken, and the party retreated back through the hidden door. Some men attempted to give chase, but apparently failed to evade the wires on the way - leading to occasional shock.

The party sagely shut and spiked the hidden door, leaving the bad guys without a route to pursue them. They then cautiously made their way over to another door in the large chamber, figuring that exploring it may lead them away from any more large concentrations of hostiles.

The door lead them to a large (and empty) room shaped liked a four pointed star, with their entrance on the right side. They spotted three more doors, making one for each cardinal directional point. They decided to go through the bottom door. It lead into a room where several humanoids were having a discussion, and hadn't noticed them. However, the party could only see one of the humanoids from the entrance, and crept closer to behind some pillars for a closer look.

In the greater room, they spied some strange pad in the corner, as well as some more sentries. We ended the session there, to be continued next week.
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