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Sarah Ketley
YA Writer, Nurse, Wife, History Nut, Book Nerd and Tea addict. Saving the Tea industry one cup at a time.
YA Writer, Nurse, Wife, History Nut, Book Nerd and Tea addict. Saving the Tea industry one cup at a time.

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awesome awesome... have a look...
Perspective is everything: Making the impossible possible

Kokichi Sugihara, from the Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences in Japan, won the 2010 Best Illusion of the Year Contest for his Impossible motion: magnet-like slopes -- an illusion in which balls seem to roll upward, in homage to Escher. This is actually only one of a whole series of illusions that Sugihara has created, building real-world impossible objects, which are really possible objects presented from specific visual perspectives that make the impossible appear possible. The video below reveals the secrets of these illusions, and may inspire you to make your own at home (Sugihara provided detailed instructions to those of us at the 2010 contest on how to build our own impossible objects). In the video, Sugihara also talks about how one could use illusions to improve our everyday lives, for example in highlighting certain perceptual cues for drivers.

The trick Sugihara uses is really the same basic idea that dates back to at least the 15th century, when Leonardo da Vinci created the first documented example of art using perspective anamorphis, enabling people to see the image in its intended form when viewed from just the right position. A more modern take on this approach is seen in the amazing artwork of George Rouse, who paints spaces to create images that seem to float in midair when viewed from just the right place:

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+Linda Horne posted her #NaNo profile up here... what a great idea!

Here is mine :-) I have already added a few of you...

I'm getting super excited

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Nearly at the start line guys. What are you all doing to prepare for the onslaught?


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#NaNo Update

For those that want to see how my writing and love of genealogy combine. See this post. Basically a family incident in 1885 fuelled the world for my NaNo story and has provided me with so much material for my writing it is just insane!

Ok so at the time, this was a really really bad thing for Harry to do... Murder is Murder, but it is a fantastic story!

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How #NaNoWriMo is helping my writing already

I have a horrible habit of explaining story elements too early. In this post i explain how i went through and sorted our my plot to add some more conflict and tension.

Thanks to NaNo I have had to stew this story idea and I have had time to examine the plot before i write it!

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With NaNo just around the corner, I'm starting to prepare myself for the onslaught!

These posts share my writing sins and what i need to avoid during nano if i hope to win!


I'm just about to go and bake some yummy oregano and chilli flat breads.... yummy... I love the smell of bread baking

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#NaNo is just around the corner

How excited am I. Here if my first NaNo post, where I am trying to get myself ready and braced for the onslaught that will be NaNo.

Also scroll down in the post to see how a novel is like a house

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Steampunk Enthusiasts on Google+
Introduce yourself in the comments and help me start a master list of people who are into or involved with Steampunk. Then share it on your profile to spread the word!

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