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#PixelBenderPaintItThursday facilitated by +Pat A Jordan +Ralitza Tchiorniy and +Alexius Jørgensen
In my local park, about 300 mtrs. from where I am sitting.
Pixel Bender, as is to be expected, followed by Topaz Adjust HDR preset.
Doing this on my netbook, means I have to size the original down to 1000px on the long side or Pixel Bender won't let me do anything. (I am too lazy to fire up my desktop machine). Then I sized it up again and applied the Topaz filter. Seems to work, but I would appreciate criticism if necessary.
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Great result Jim! It works just fine. I have found that many filters give better result on lower resolutions. Often it works just fine to blow the image up afterwards. 
How nice...nice color, my favorite color...
BEAUTIFUL twist on perception through technology and art
S Bajaj
go green............
wow.... she is beautiful....
Ken Dai
I like this this one very much. +Jim Marsh It looks like so magic and beautiful. Just like I'm in the sea of whiskey spring.
No criticism necessary, that is beautiful.
beautifull .....................................
so beatifull
I see one eye in that center
its really very beautiful & complete!!!!!!!!!
it looks like a water reflection............
I would hang it on my wall
mAi Hou
I like the way in which light and darkness intertwine in a fuzzy universe.
None from me. Its vantastic, You have a Gift so many people would Luv to have.....Don't ever feel bad about the good things you do on this earth, because what you have is not what everybody can do. It so GREAT!................Angie O.
Anna K
it very vivid with all the green and shade of it,.
Oh! My Favorite Flower is a Daisy, They are such a Happy Flower. I think they make you feel good all over. And I do so Luv Art!......Angie O.
kinda weird but I like it. I'd be curious to see that technique applied to other subjects.
good work, looks like acid visions,i`d put more color on the cottage
very nice...half the roof of the cottage looks missing..
Ala Som
very nice picture
you can put on your phone if you like too..............hahahahaha!!!!!!
oh! ya it's look like you like it very much!! ok then some say nice!!!
wow........................wht a real too
Graet job. I can almost feel a breeze when I look @ thid pic.
yayayayay!!! it's awesome you knw!!! but i think he missed some thing the roof.... see for you self....
yaya!! it's lovely it's like in the cartoon but i like it!!!!
wat up? the sky!! hahahaha...... just kidin!!
yaya! all people say that things it's nice!!!!
the more and more you look at it the more and more you like it its amazing did you paint it?
you love it !!! all people say that nice, lovely ,fresh that's so lucky!!!!!!!!!!
I would love to have a print of this, frame it and hang it in my house.
oh !ya! check with him so you can get that picture ..............
it is a very good picture
this is amazing pic...............?
Izmar!was that made bare hand?
tat is amazing that is what i call art
Love this work, especially the rhythm.
so amazing its like the dream i had last night
It just look like a real place ,i am really curious about that what type of techniqe is used to make this painting........
love the lines...colors...very nice
At first I thought it was a painting. Very nice
that is really beautiful.
Haven't seen this technique before, very interesting. good job.
cool superb piceeeeeeeeeeeee
Van Gogh is rolling in his grave!!!
The color blends are nice but I would appreciate more if the middle were left a little more NORMAL.
its so beautiful... can you give me your hand so that i can draw like that?? heheh..
This is really cool, I like it.
I don't have too much knowledge about phtography i wud say there can't be a critism for such amazing picture
What an interesting finish... It looks awesome, would love to see more work in this style! :D
This is so better than what I can do! :D
There's a Russian woman doing similar "paintings" all with folded paper; I can't remember her name right now.
wow thats Pretty COOL I love IT
Very Nice, I like it. If this is lazy what can you do when you really work at it?
its an amazing picture - but nobody else has mentioned DMT?
am the 500th person..
plused the post..
haha.. wonderful work..
How can anybody criticize that. Uber cool pic. Have you tried it with portaits?
Love it! I am going to look into playing with this-- so cool!
i'm not sure whether i got it correctly...let me think over it again...
excellant photoghaphy like a fairy land
So beautiful how did you make that?
thats confusing in some freakish way it gives me a head ache
wow u are 2times better than me keep up AND YOU WILL BE AN ARTIST
man bad Azz how do you do that, im cry about its pic in the bathroom:)
That is a very interesting computer enhanced photograph. Could the software process video running at 30 frames per second?

Sorry to hear starting a computer takes so much out of you.
Way cool Gotta look into that progrm ,thanks 4 share
wow an amazing painting do you have any art advice
WoW? such a beautiful painting!!!
it is an inovative & refreshing painting
Glen H
Its a picture, not a photograph. Can you take a pretty picture and not edit it in any way ?
I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever Ps.52:8
wow...this is beautiful... love it.
that reminds me of an optical illusion and its cool
reminds me of my chemical days..........FLASHBACK!!!!
If you plan on doing nice prints of these, I wouldn't resize them down. Just get a proper laptop that could handle the larger images. The way the images look on your screen and how they look in print are two different things.
Alan Ng
such a beautiful piece of art!
Wait - you did this on your netbook??? Wow. You got skills! That's really beautiful.
very pretty. critism= the bottom portion lacks foreground and middle ground but looks like layers, and I'm not completly sure if I like the sky or not. It apears to be glowing so bright it hurts your eyes, almost like staring at the sun. If you are going for this effect you've mastered it perfectly. If not, as I suspect you aren't I would darken the color of it to a more turquoise/baby blue color.
I don't think it needs any changes, this is wonderful just as it is!
Wow this is beautiful, I wish I was that talented. Hat off to you.....
A bit hard on the eye but looks amazing, just shows what digital technology can do
I luv this picture by Jim Marsh. I have never seen one painted with the brush the way he uses it!.......Great! Job!!.....Angie O.
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