Because some people have expressed an interest in my opinion:

My name is Jennifer Linsky, and until last month I was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. My leaving the organization had little to do with this issue, just in case there's any question. During my years as a member of the Society, I served as an officer in three different local groups as I moved around due to school and military duties.

Under current law in my most recent kingdom of residence, Atenveldt, I would be qualified to submit a Letter of Intent, and indeed, to reign as Queen should I be consorted to a fighter who won the tournament.

Except for one thing: I am a lesbian. I am a girl person who is romantically attracted to other girl people. Some people say that this is a personal choice, and respectfully, I disagree. As an actor I admire recently said, "Why would we choose to be gay? Ah yes, the food and clothes are superior." If you think about the way that gay and lesbian people are treated in our society, I think you will quickly realize that no one sane would choose to be treated that way. We are lesbians because we are lesbians, not because we want all the social benefits that come with being a lesbian.

Some people say that I could reign as Queen if I were the consort of a male fighter, and this is true: I have served as the "inspiration" to a fighter in a crown tournament, and would have been quite pleased to serve if that fighter had won. Some people say that platonic reigns are nothing new, and indeed, my preceding anecdote should demonstrate that I am aware of this, as well.

However, these are, in my opinion, disingenuous arguments. They are precisely equal to arguments that marriage laws are not biased against gay and lesbian couples, because a lesbian can marry whatever man she chooses. It is a truth, and at the same time, it completely misses the point.

Many... possibly most... contenders in any given crown tournament are fighting for the person who truly inspires them. They fight because they wish to fight, but also because they are in love, because they want to put themselves and their romantic partner on the thrones. When I think of the radiant joy of Cecilia when Walrick won crown tourney, I want that for myself. I want to stand beside my chosen fighter, who I love, and be her Queen of Grace and Beauty, and have her be my Queen by Right of Arms.

A landed baroness of my acquaintance said that married couples make the best landed nobility, because they're always together, and they're always talking anyway, so they might as well talk about the issues of the Barony. It has been my observation that, if this is true for a Barony, it is also true of a kingdom. Those reigns undertaken by committed couples, in my experience, do a better job of inspiring the kingdom than do platonic reigns. And I want the chance to inspire the kingdom with my beloved, regardless of what each of us keeps in our bras, or in our shorts.

There are objections that people throw up, to show that it is not "gayness" that they are protesting. Here are some of them, and my responses:

"What about the Queen of Grace and Beauty?" they ask. "What if two men win the throne?" I answer, make one of them King by Right of Arms, and the other King of Grace and Honor.

"What about the awards that are in the King's keeping, or the Queen's?" Change the wording so that they are in the keeping of the Sovereign or the Consort. When a woman wins crown tourney, she doesn't stop giving out, for instance, knighthoods, just because the award is in the keeping of the King, does she?

"What if two 'hot sticks' team up to keep the crown and become superdukes?!" After I get done laughing at the homoerotic double entendre potential of 'hot sticks,' I answer, "The law already says you can not succeed yourself. If you're that worried about it, change the law so that any given person can only serve in any given crown tourney in one role... combatant or inspiration. Of course, if you do that, you'll also be keeping couples like Posadnik Ivan and Posadnitsa Ianuk from fighting in the same tourney... but no one seems to have a problem with that... possibly because Ianuk is a girl, and no one expects her to win.

Basically, though, my argument boils down to this: I fall in love with strong women. Some of the strong women I have fallen in love with have been fighters. They fight in crown tourneys. I want the same chance to inspire my chosen fighter as straight girls get. I want to stand beside the erik in the finals, and beam my love and approval at my girlfriend. I want my sweaty girlfriend, beaming radiantly, to place the Crown Princess coronet on my head with her own hands.

I want to be the pretty, pretty princess, and I want it to be because the woman I love has fought for me and won.

And then, I want to inspire the whole kingdom with our love, and our dedication to the dream that we all celebrate when we play in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

And that's about all I have to say about that.
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