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The "nom de plume" of Jenny Davies
The "nom de plume" of Jenny Davies

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Prawn & Pineapple curry - mmmnn, fruity!
Somehow or another, we've wound up with several little bits of things left over from dishes that either didn't happen, or where ingredients have been too much and a portion of them were put into the freezer "for another day".  One such is a tin of pineapple...

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Chicken Satay Salad - a long way from ordinary!
We're currently going through something of a heatwave here in the U.K. - June 2017 - and salads are definitely in. However, because I wanted to try and make salad eating something good as opposed to something yawn-inducing (oh come on, you know it can be!),...

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Prawn Pad Thai - my new favourite thing!
And when I say "my new favourite thing", I'm talking about it being right up there alongside Nasi Goreng and Shepherd's Pie . Now THAT is high praise indeed. I don't mind admitting that I was a wee bit intimidated by this recipe.  You see, I had attempted a...

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Sicilian Salmon - getting our fish in!
Well, it's a new week but the alternative carbohydrate experiments continue.  It was the turn of couscous today, however, the first consideration was what type of protein to have. We had the other half of our bag of individually frozen salmon fillets to use...

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Red lentil, butternut squash & chilli soup
Red lentil, butternut squash & chilli soup. Get your fix of beta carotene here, orange coloured food for the win. LOL You certainly know you've eaten something by the end of a bowl of this - and all for around 300 calories, which can't be bad. Of course, th...

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Simple garlic butter prawn spaghetti
Well, this one was a real unexpected surprise.  I wasn't supposed to be cooking this recipe at all and in fact, can't remember why I wasn't cooking the intended one.  Whatever the reasons were - and it could be any number of them! - I decided to go for this...

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Chorizo & saffron baked cod
First of all and before I say anything else, let me just say how much I love this dish.  We thought it up during one of our brainstorming sessions and I liked the idea immediately.  It has everything I could like about a fish dish - it's simple, it only nee...

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Sticky Hoisin chicken and red pepper with onion rice
Well, this one wasn't supposed to be like this at all.  However, the Chinese chicken traybake that I'd originally intended to make just wouldn't have suited our different requirements, so I bailed out at the last minute and made this up instead.  I think it...

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Smoked mackerel, capers & tomato spaghetti with pesto
I'm really quite proud of this little recipe, as it came about during one of our "staff meetings" when we were having a brainstorm about what we would actually like to eat as opposed to what we thought we should have to eat.  I can remember thinking, as we ...

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Bacon, blueberry, Cheshire cheese & maple syrup American style blueberry pancakes
Yes, it's a bit of a mouthful of a name, but I couldn't bear to leave anything out.  Our favourite pancakes for today's pancake day and hubby even requested them for his birthday last year, which demonstrates how good they are!   The pancakes themselves are...
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