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Brad Farris
Building Small Businesses in Chicago, Loving 5 Kids, Riding Bikes.
Building Small Businesses in Chicago, Loving 5 Kids, Riding Bikes.

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Grocery List Workflow

I have a grocery list workflow that works really well for me, but relies on an older version of OmniOutliner -- I'm wondering if anyone has alternative ideas?

Today I have an OmniOutliner document with all the things I normally buy organized by store. I scan down the list and check off any items that I know we need. Then in OmniOutliner 3 I can choose to print only the checked items -- BAM! A list organized by store.

This continues to work, but OO 4 came out a few years ago (without the 'print only checked items" feature) and I'm always afraid this will stop working. Any ideas for a replacement? I could easily go iOS on this too.


I've lately noticed that my MacBook Air battery has been CRASHING -- dropping to nothing in about 2 hours. I took a look at Activity Monitor and it's clear that Google Chrome is the culprit.

The thing that puzzles me is that if I close the case with <20% battery, when I open it in the morning it's dead. What could Chrome be doing with the lid closed?

Also, I'm looking for ideas about how to get Chrome to lighten up on the battery (I know this is a long-time known issue). So far I tried clearing the cache and disabling extensions. No dice. Today I just deleted the app and re-downloaded it. We'll see if that helps.

Any ideas appreciated!


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Automating Time Tracking

I'm looking to automate tracking my project time from either iOS or OSX to (likely) a G-apps spreadsheet (so I can easily calculate hours by project). 

I also found this "DO" recipe but it doesn't track the client matter, it just tracks hours per day. I thought about using the Workflow app but I can't figure out how to grab the current time in Workflow.  I remember in a past episode there was a teacher who created a Drafts action and a Textexpander snippet combination that created a time stamped record in a G-apps spreadsheet. That seems like it might work for iOS. 

How would you think about doing this on OSX? Can Alfred talk to G-Apps? Other ideas?

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I’m a Freaking Genius, Why Don’t I Have More Money??

Had a great time with +Mike Campion on his "Freaking Genuis" Podcast. We talked about a bunch of stuff, but really dug in on the idea of raising your prices so you can deliver a better product and live a better life. Check it!

Do you listen to small business podcasts?

I'm curious how many folks in the community listen to small business podcasts. If you regularly listen to a business podcast could you share it in the comments? I'm always looking for new things to listen to.

Some new ones I'm listening to include Sales and Marketing Nation with +Christian Costa and the Freaking Genius podcast with +Mike Campion 

How many people listen to their own podcast?

We record a month's worth of episodes in one day -- and we are usually a few weeks ahead. So by the time an episode releases it might have been 6 weeks or so since we recorded it. I always listen again with the audience. Partly so that I can remember what we said so I can respond on social media, partly to hear the production again fresh and make notes on what to do better -- Still, it feels weird! Do other people listen to their own show?

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Find Your Ideal Customer: +Christian Costa invited me to be a guest on the  Sales & Marketing Nation podcast. Give it a listen! 

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So many people have helped me to build my business

Today I took a minute on the blog to thank some of the experts, friends, clients and peers who have taught me things I needed to know and helped me build my business. Among those are +Becka Bates +Susan Silver +Diane Yetter +Andy Crestodina Thanks to you all, and the many more that I couldn't add in!
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