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Christina Freeman
Anime Comic Game Designing Geektress
Anime Comic Game Designing Geektress
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Saturday Night from So a Psychic and a Rocket Scientist Walk into a Bar
Clair was in her bedroom in front of her full length mirror
annoyed with what she had chosen to wear. 
It wasn’t a bad outfit it just didn’t look like a date outfit.  Because of her profession, and because of Jonny,
besides jeans and t-shirts Clair only had...

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Check out the work from my new writing gig. And support this great site Monkeys Fighting Robots.

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All the Unexplained - SPRSWB
“Not everything of this world can be explained by science or
anything else for that matter.”  He
pinned her again with his laser blue eyes.  “I don’t discount anything, there is something
in you Clair that is beyond the norm and it glows off of you like a b...

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To Love Unwisely
Tell me the story of how you’ll be free Hold me close and swear it will never be Tell me the lie that will always haunt me Then show me the love that I will always see Tell me the tale of how you came to me Hold me close and play with the memories Tell me h...

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You'll Save That For Mine
As I was working on the second edition of Make Mine a Heel I got to indulge in some of my favorite scenes. This one is top 5. Its their first and most fun fight. Banner stopped the recording. “What was that?” She asked
sharply. Keith stared at her intently ...

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Make Mine a Heel 2nd Edition
In an effort to keep Fiona and Colan a little longer I decided to edit and release a 2nd edition of my first self-published ebook and historically top selling, Make Mine a Heel. As always when I dive back into the pages of this book nostalgia takes hold.  T...

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Wednesday January 25th, Day Damn 6 It’s the right you always miss. I duck the left, block the jab. It’s a distraction. It’s there to make you pay more attention to it. Reactionary is the word. Reactionary is the process. It speaks to the most primitive defe...

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Tuesday January 24th Day Damn 5 Calamity is the universe's way of changing pace and restructuring direction. Call to a calamite a swamp fossil of origin for an animal that moves too slow for the human eye to truly perceive. As a calamity rises too soon too ...
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