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Finally launching our new project:! A unique way to meet people, wrapped in an awesome CSS 3 UI.
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So what was the "final 20%" that took time to launch? Or was it just smoothing of edges? Last time I got a demo, it looked fairly complete.

Also: launching tomorrow? Request an invite is still up.

Also: congrats! I know how gratifying it is to see a new project get to something that people are going to get in and use. I'm going to plug again as a way to interact with early users.
Even if launched, there will be invites. We need to get enough people on the site at once for it to be interesting.

The last 20% was waiting on browsers to suck less :P.
Great work, Steven! Can't wait to check it out. =-)
I sure would like you to publish a demo-only instance of this app, strictly for developers who want to look at how you built it without making their spouses think that they're genuinely using a dating site ;^)
I haven't yet got the time to sign up, but I'll surely check this out.

Seems like a great idea. :)
That looks like some pretty slick architecture and amazing coding, Steven. I have no expertise on the business end (married since 1994 :-) but I wish you the best of luck with it.
Hangouts and Twilio, looking for hackers here...
Wonder how this will standup against OKCupid. Hopefully it doesn't turn into Omegle.
Nice Project just a side question droped in by searching for your open-cooliris link its broken link
you have a new home demo ?
Thanks a lot and best luck for your new project
I removed the projective canvas code because people kept on asking me to use it, apparently oblivious that it is entirely obsoleted by CSS 3D.
Your Twitter is gone. Is this project dying?
Hm.  Found this via a Metafilter pointer to Making things with Maths.

This might be useful for a group who disagree with one another about one thing but agree with each other about something else so have reason to get face to face to talk about what they agree on. 

(Specific case: people who argue about climate change but agree on helping one another do homemade solar hot water).  

It'd be a useful group of conversations.

Not exactly what you had in mind for your site.

Hope it happens though.
I just went to visit your site, it's down. Is it permanently offline, or just temporarily broken?
BTW, your error reporting looks like overkill for a production site.
As far as good ideas, This was very good. Hopefully someone will reboot it in the future.
I approve... I have another application for this...  I also have some additional ideas to weave into this...  how can I contribute?
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