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Brilliant just brilliant!
Cool stuff but without 100% cross browser compatibility and more powerful mobile user agents to support GL, its a mixed bag. Same issues we had 10 years ago with Javascript. I would love to see the user agent/browser community finally step up and build less scripting support and more powerful markup HTML5 and XML 2.0 rendering engines so we can let CSS and the markup replace more of these functions naturally.
There's always a cutting edge and always a price to be paid to be on it as far as being able to deliver to the masses.. but this is brilliant work! I'd vote it the best site I've seen all year!
Very impressive again, +Steven Wittens but may I politely request a sound control for situations where it isn't appropriate to play music. If there is one I didn't see it, ta very.
+Mitch Stokely There is the X3DOM spec... and it's terrible. It has the same problem as SVG: it encodes numerical data as big string attributes, because that's all the hammer of XML allows. Hence, it's terrible for high performance stuff that animates. Do you think it's practical to store and animate 40k triangles like this? We're much more likely to evolve towards a system of web components where you drop in an embeds and/or a framework, and JS does it for you.
+Kevin Clift Because of the audio sync, the music has to be playing. I suppose I could kill the volume, but then again, all of this was just random things I tacked on at the end. Some concessions were made ;).
Thanks +Steven Wittens.  I'm probably a bit of a corner case anyway as I'm caregiving at home and have my sound rebroadcast around the house for audio education/entertainment.
The site is totally beautiful! I've never seen anything so well done via the browser before, which in this day and age is saying something.

Also, I would like to ask your forgiveness/permission for recording a video of the main intro for people who can't view it in browser: - Intro Demo
Specifically sought you out to congratulate you on that jaw dropping animated header on your site. Hard to find a suitable superlative to describe it! Incredible stuff!
I just discovered you via Bret Victor and am blown away. Your "Making Things with Maths" talk is profoundly inspiring. I'm setting up a bitcoin account for the sole purpose of leaving you a tip. Very well done.
Steven....I have a dream. Native markup that all user agents support that has more support for ajax support and xml data retrieval for example. The only thing now holding us back from better interactivity and rendering if data is the browsers themselves. I learned long ago using scripts and flash the power of these proprietary embedded plugins to do cool things in their sandboxes the browsers could not do. Now the browser is becoming a Flash app and ecmascript actionscript and with the enhanced security problems and cross browser support. With 10% of some agents disabled scripting and these API's, you can layer a new problem. Dont get me wrong....js is where we are heading for now. But client-side scripts cannot solve everything as it continues to push the solution to the clients browser and security setup. Thats why I still hate js. It also cant come close to what can be done on the server with frameworks like .NET.

Thats why Im for beefing up new features in markup languages in user-agents and native css and html and xml combined with the server to create a more interactive web. Seems like the last 5 years we have gone two steps backward as html5 isnt that much better.

All that being said youre doing some amazing js work.
Fricking amazing work. Thank you for pushing the boundaries.
Genial trabajo! Felicitaciones por subir la vara!
Absolutely amazing work!
Terrific js skills, great design and a very clever achievement system.
BTW, I'm still stuck with the last one - it's quite tough (and trying to debug it makes my Chrome crash :P)
+Giacomo Farneti I dropped some additional clues into the game yesterday... but so far, nobody's gotten the last one yet. I admit, I didn't make it easy, but it's not unfair.

You could always call the toll-free hint hotline at steven at acko dot net and let me know where you are and what you're stuck on.
Thank you +Steven Wittens - solving the others was a lot of fun, so I'll bother the hint hotline only if totally stuck!
Is there only 7 (judging by chtr.js, but as I've lost my ref to it by refreshing the page I'm now not so sure)?
How do I force it to load chtr.js again if I already have the achievement?
You can see the list of your achievements in the top-right corner of the page, the total number is 8 (I'm still stuck at 7).
To load chtr.js again... you have to cheat! :)
To see where achievements are stored, take a look at the getAchievement function (IIRC).
Have fun!
+Giacomo Farneti  did you solve the last one yet?   I'm down to running the prm() function, got the alternate version... still wondering how to get the hash value matching.
+Aaron Hilton  I still didn't solve the last one, I love this stuff but I have a job IRL!
I managed to extract the pmt function (didn't find any reference to prm) and a cleaned-up version of the main JS file.
I also tried to brute-force the hash function (hex numbers from 0x0 to 0xffffffff, found 2 or 3 values that generate the right hash but none of them is the solution to the puzzle).
+Steven Wittens  can we share our findings here on G+? What's your policy?
Humbling.  Really really impressive.  You've said it best, "the unified front-end convergence really has arrived".  Bravo!
this site sparked my dormant passion for webdesign! Amazing. I just love how the 3d scene hides in plain sight until you scroll to the top.
I know this may sound crazy but..
I came back to "Zero to Sixty in One Second" to check the part about ambient occlusion, I started playing with the achievements and finally got the last one (no need to brute-force anything!)
I must say that after two years and a half the header is still an impressive piece of technology
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