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Las Vegas General Contractor, HR Builders Inc. has a team of pros ready to create your next project. And with our best consumer ratings you could see how you'll be our next happy customer.
Please come see our work and read all about us at our company website
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Hiring a General contractor is no easy task. you need to do a lot of homework before you make a choice. You should always make sure your Las Vegas General contractor is licensed as well as insured. If your project is big you should always ask to see other Las Vegas projects that have been done by the General contractor your thinking of using. 
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Using a legal general contractor in Las Vegas is something that was done for your own safety.

Nevada State Contractors Board PSA TV Spot 
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HR Builder Inc. - Las Vegas General Contractor 
General Contractor - Mr. H Rozen 
License #0055170 
Phone number 702-832-5031
Service areas - Las Vegas, Henderson and
North Las Vegas 
Company motto - Customer service is not a department, it's our attitude.

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As getting construction or renovations done isn't stressful enough, but now you have to worry about how to hire a good Las Vegas general contractor and a legally licensed one at that. The good news is that  in today's world just about anyone has access to the internet and that's how you found us an the first place. But here is a link allowing you to check with the Nevada State Contractors Board on what company is licensed and what company isn't. You should never hire anyone as your general contractor in Las Vegas if you can't find them in the link below.  
Nevada State Contractor Board link   Our license #0055170

Another way to check if your hiring a good general contractor in Las Vegas is to see if the Better Business Bureau has had any complaints that where unresolved and what type of complaints and how many. 
If your hiring the right general contractor they shouldn't mind you looking them up. 
so here is the Better Business Bureau link below.  
                             Better Business Bureau link    www.southernnevada,bbb,org

You Should also check to see that the general contractor your hiring has the proper bond like HR Builders Inc. of Las Vegas has. You can also ask to see the general contractors I.D. as it's required that every general contractor carries their Nevada general contractor I.D. at all time during work. 

Nevada General contractor laws and requirements link www.nevadacontractorboard/  
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Are you thinking of renovating a bathroom, or knocking out walls to make your kitchen larger? If you aren’t experienced yourself, most likely you will be hiring a Las Vegas general contractor. Do you know how to weed out the bad ones from the good ones? There are several television do it yourself programs out there that showcase bad contractors and good contractors having to “clean up their mess”. Before you are dreaming of what your remodeled bathroom will look like, you will need some tips. In an effort to ensure you hire a reputable general contractor in Las Vegas, follow these 7 tips to help you with the process. 

1.) Determine if you need a handy person or a legal Las Vegas general contractor: Depending on your home project you first need to differentiate between a handy person and a contractor. If you want home repairs that don’t require permitting and aren’t more than $500.00 US dollars, you can use a handy person. While if you need major plumbing, electrical, mechanical or plumbing needs that will require permits to be pulled, then you are seeking a general contractor. Additionally, most handy personnel are not licensed but may still have the skill sets to perform the duty.
2.)See if the Las Vegas general contractor has any bad reviews. You can also go to Diamond Pages Business Directory to see if your Las Vegas General Contractor is listed - only the best of the best would be listed with Diamond Pages Business Directory. 
3.) Ask for referrals when searching for a reputable contractor: If you live in an area that has plenty of resources, ask around at your local home improvement store or lumber yard for contractors they have seen buying quality products. Be mindful of contractors that few people have heard of, or haven’t seen where they purchase their building materials. Poor quality building materials can be the beginning of an awful renovation.
4.) Ask a home inspector: When a home inspector conducts an inspection on a home seller’s home with major problems, they usually will try and refer general contractors in Las Vegas that may help the home owner get the problem solved. Consider calling home inspectors in your area and asking for general contractor referrals. This way you will weed out going through a phone book and looking through hundreds of contractors. 
5.) Ask questions over the phone first: Before having a contractor come out to your home, ask them interview questions by phone. Questions should include: *What other projects have they done that are similar in size and complexity as your project? *What are their payment requirements? (Avoid contractors who only accept cash, or require you to write a check directly to them instead of the business) *Ask if their license is current and when it expires *Make sure they carry necessary insurances – Surety bond.
6.) Meet the general contractor in person: Once you feel comfortable over the phone, it is time to meet the general contractor at your home. Don’t ignore your gut feeling when talking with a general contractor. When you ask them questions, the contractor should be able to answer concisely and not seem hesitant. Ask them in person again for projects that you can go see, or ask for contact information of previous clients and projects. 
7.) Don’t choose the contractor with the cheapest price: Although tempting, don’t go with the lowest price contractor. They could be the lowest because of low quality materials, or they are desperate and haven’t worked recently. Choose one that you feel comfortable with their personality, price, background, and methods. Put everything in writing and make a schedule of milestones in which to pay the contractor. Assure that your contractor gets a lien release which will protect you if they don’t pay their subcontractors and bills. Remember a quality contractor will not give you a “low ball” offer.

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General Contractor
Las Vegas General Contractor Company
1. We stand behind our work beyond expectations.
2. We are a locally owned business, not an out of state company.
3. When you hire us to be your Las Vegas general contractor you will get a personal phone number that goes directly to our general contractor who will always stay on top of what ever your needs are.
5. HR Builders Inc. is a licensed Nevada general contractor who does business under our own licensing and does not work under another general contractors license. We are truly licensed to do work in Nevada.   License #0055170 
6. Our Las Vegas General Contractor is always available for all our clients needs. And has been with HR Builders Inc. for over ten years.
7. 80% of our customers have been referred by other customers. Yes we are very proud of that.

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HR BUILDERS Inc. is not just better than most of the competition we believe that the reason we are the only Las Vegas Diamond awarded company that we are the best. see the link below to the diamond award our company has received 

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