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So I'm pretty stoked that, in a week and a half, I'm kicking off a new AS&SH campaign with my regular FtF group. But I'm having a little trouble trying to decide on an introductory adventure. I have a pretty sizable collection of OSR products to draw from. I'd love it if you all gave a shout out to some good weird fantasy-ish adventures that work right 'out of the box' or are fairly easy to ret-con into something more CAS-y/Howard-y/Lovecraftian. Sound off please!

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Oh lordie, that was a chaotic, hilarious session. We had a few youngsters at the table and they threw caution to the wind. I was worried it was going to derail the whole session but after awhile, most of us rolled with it.

Frank the Enforcer has to be my favorite pregen of all time. I feel kind of bad about trying to hack that kid to death but the Paladin was the one that did it in the end. 😈

The "glossography" I'm writing to go along with the campaign setting map I posted yesterday, as I mentioned, is written from the perspective of the Knights of the Void that currently rule their little slice of the galaxy.  The working title I have is 'The Unabridged Encyplopedia of the Imperium of Pilatious II'.

Pilatious II is sort of a Star Wars Emperor-type villain that is obsessed with wiping out the last of the Star Knights.  Even so, this setting is not completely rooted in Star Wars-ish lore. There's room for all types of sci-fi here!  Here is the rough draft of the 'Forward' to the Encyclopedia as written by Dravis Vorcromb, 3rd Void Knight of the Way:

'It is with much gratitude and a deep sense of honor that I feel when I was asked to write the forward to the preeminent book of our age and likely for all ages. Such an undertaking has rarely occurred in the history of our people. This book is not just another encyclopedia about human history; it is the irrefutable, fact-based account of the Grand Plan of The Way.

Humanity first learned about The Way when we left our cradle and spread our species to the stars, thereby insuring our permanent survival. It was almost as if the Universe itself, upon learning of our rising to a higher biological order, granted us access to a deeper level of knowledge. It was not long after the establishment of our first colony on Ramnes-Duro that certain humans in touch with their inner consciousness began to realize they could control the very fabric of reality.

Shortly after this discovery, two orders were established based along diametrically opposing philosophies. The first order understood the true nature of The Way. They understood that, since the formation of the Universe by the most fundamental of physical laws, the forces of Chaos were constantly trying to tear it apart in order to return the newly ordered reality to nothingness. Thus were the ‘Knights of the Void’ established in order to bring order to the universe and stop the spread of Chaos.

The second order, keeping with the spirit of their true nature, took no name, though members that could access The Way became known as ‘Star Knights’ or the misnamed ‘Followers of the Way’, likely so cynically named for their desire to prevent Order from preserving the universe. Early in our history, the Star Knights held sway and seeded our people with their vile beliefs.

Through the eons, since the ascent of our righteous species, the Knights of the Void have strived to keep the Star Knights at bay. Different eras have been held sway by one or the other group, but with the coming of Imperator Pilatious II 30 years ago and the revealing of the Grand Plan of The Way; it seems that the Knights of the Void have finally achieved victory over the hated and heretical Star Knights. His preordained ascent to lead humanity in the conquest of all physical reality is well under way. Though the cost has been high, as very few Knights of the Void remain, the reward has been the near total destruction of the enemies of the very universe.

Long live Imperator Pilatious II!'

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Having a little fun with creating a White Star campaign setting. :-)

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Revision 2, Level 1.  I got some good feedback from Benoist on this and added some connecting hallways.  Feel free to comment.

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Revised level 1. Thanks for the suggestion, Keith Davies!

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The first adventure located in the Barren Wastes to be detailed is the ancient dwarven hold of Granite Hall.  I present, level 1...  Feedback appreciated!

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After a long hiatus, I have finally finished my draft of 'The Barren Wastes', hex 16:19.  I know I'm waaaaaay past the deadline but I'm hoping that I can still sneak this in. Please take a read and let me know what you think:

Is that image with everyone's mapped areas updated frequently? 

I'll be adding the title to the map I posted earlier but I wanted to post a teaser of the adventures planned in Hex 16:19 that I am now calling "The Barren Wastes of Haptehmut".  This is only excerpts from the first page. Feel free to add commentary or feedback, especially regarding things like the name of the sea in which Tenkar's Landing Island (until the official name is voted upon) is in, etc.  I'm already adopting one idea that Thomas Drevon came up with.  I am a little concerned that I am using the name "Aegypt".  I feel like that might come from some other source that I am not remembering.  If someone knows, I will change it to avoid plagiarizing!  So, without further adieu, I give you:

The Barren Wastes of Haptehmut:

This booklet is the guide that accompanies the map of Tenkar’s Landing hex location of 16:19.  The multitude of adventures and side treks are designed for characters of levels ranging from 3rd all the way to 8th.  Each separate adventure will be marked with it’s appropriate level ranges.  A map booklet accompanies this guide.

Adventure Locales in the Barren Wastes:

There are a number of planned encounter areas, each of which are whole adventures in and of themselves.  Here is a list:

·         Wreck of the Grey Lady / Sunken City of Alez ak-Metan
·         Ruined Fortress of Shahadmehman
·         Granite Hall
·         Lair of the Sea Witch
·         Oasis of the Desert Nomads
·         Ancient Pyramid of Haptehmut the Great
·         Lair of the Dread Mezzerazezuul

There are, in addition, a few marked encounters that are merely short side treks that can be inserted or omitted as the GM sees fit:

·         Monoliths / Range of the Desert Bullete
·         Bugs of the Old Trade Road
·         Nomadic Fishing Village

The GM should feel free to expand upon this list of short encounters, keeping in mind the barren desert wastelands.  There could be other buried towns and cities of the ancient Aegypt people (see below) well worth exploring by adventuring folks!

History of the Barren Wastes:

Long before the current incarnations of the races of Man and demi-man settled in Tenkar’s Landing, an older civilization ruled a swath of territory to the south.  Across the narrow sea a race of dark-skinned humans known as the Aegyps constructed great monuments to their strange Gods and offered sacrifices to them there.  The Aegyps were ruled by a long, unbroken dynasty of emperors, the last of who is recorded was Haptehmut the Great. 
The sages say that Haptehmut ruled from his abode far to the south of the coast, alleging that his fortress was an enormous construction in the shape of a pyramid.  No proof among modern man exists of this great building and little else exists that describes the Aegyp people.  Nearly all of what is known has been passed down in stories through the ages.
As the races of Men and their allies slowly crept south to occupy the islands of the great inner sea(?), their curiosity of the region grew.  Recently, a trading guild operating out of Tenkar’s Landing dispatched a coaster named the Lady Grey to map the southern desert coastline and make contact with anyone living along it.  Several months have lapsed since the dispatching and the Lady Grey has not been seen since, her whereabouts unknown…

Current Events:

The disappearance of the Lady Grey is a matter of some controversy in Tenkar’s Landing.  The trading guild that originally dispatched her spent a considerable sum of money to outfit the expedition.  Without the official sanction of the government, they were forced to borrow funds from the local thieves’ guild to support and supply the expedition.
More than the simple loss of their investment, the trading guild had hired several notables to captain and officer the ship.  The families are beginning to fear the worst and pressure is mounting on the trading guild to outfit a second expedition, focused less on glory and more on finding out what happened to the Lady Grey.  This means, of course, that a band of mercenaries shall be raised and outfitted with a smaller ship and crew.  Finally, to make matters more pressing, the thieves’ guild has decided to call in their note.  They are not known for their patience when debt collection is involved…
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