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Some useful ideas!
Blog Monetization: How You Can Make More Money With Your Blog

By Michael Stelzner

Are you looking for ways to make money with your professional blog?

Do you want to know how to leverage your content to monetize your site?

To learn how to make more money with your blog, Mike interviews +Leslie Samuel.  -Kim

#bloggingforbusiness   #monetizationstrategy   #podcastsworthhearing  

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How to grow your followers on Google+

My latest article has just gone live on +Social Media Experts and is all about Google+!

I cover:

- What is Google+?
- Why Google+?
- How to write for Google+
- Google+ writing "rules"
- How to find great content
- Your Google+ toolkit
- More Tips on Gaining Followers

And of course I go into the best tools for the job. Many of you will no doubt recognise them- +NOD3x, +Circloscope, +CircleCount, DoShare, +Buffer, +Steady Demand Pro and +Friends+Me 

I'd love to hear what your tips are for gaining followers on Google+. Let me know!

#GooglePlusTips   #SocialMediaTools   #SocialMedia  #SS #SP #TW

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Great #tumblr  ideas and inspiration.
How to Use Tumblr for Business
By +Eva Gantz 

Have you used Tumblr as a social marketing platform?

Would you like to reach an audience ready to share your creative content?

For companies with strong visual content Tumblr is a largely untapped opportunity.

In this article we’ll show you five companies using Tumblr to reach a new audience that values creativity and fun.  -Kim

#tumblrforbusiness   #tumblr  

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5 Ways to Find Blog Topics With Social Media
By +Rachel Sprung 

Do you need ideas for new blog topics?

Do you use social media to find them?

Social media conversations can lead to topics that feed your blog.

In this article we’ll share five ways you can use social media to find new blog topics your audience will love.  -Kim

#bloggingtips   #contentstrategy  

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The Human Factors Impacting YouTube SEO

Quick read resource on video SEO From +ReelSEO. More and more YouTube is taking into account human factors when ranking videos.

1) Watch Time
2) Audience Retention
3) Time on Site

How much thought are you putting into the YouTube videos you create?

#videoseo   #videomarketing   #youtubemarketing  

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Will the new features from #YouTube be a rival for crowdfunding services: #video   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing  

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Who doesn’t struggle with having enough time when it comes to managing their business and social media presences, right? 

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Great read!
Over the years, I've done and seen it all when it comes to social media. I've grown my following and reputation organically and then tested the cookie-cutter methods to succeed in social media. I've found that nothing beats organic growth and progress in building relationships on social media. So I wrote a blog post on the 4 main steps to mastering any social media platform and break it down to what really matters when you want to build authentic, valuable and beneficial relationships on social media.
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