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OTA released it's IoT security vision last week, for retailers, developers, car/real-estate dealers, manufacturers, ISPs, and regulators.

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Craig Spiezle at OTA on ecosystem-wide[1] steps towards containing IoT threats. (I'm an informal contributor to this.)

1: Developers, retailers, consumers, ISPs, governments.

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Request for help: need to borrow ~6 WiFi routers for FOSSASIA, any type.

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Google's epic Beethoven doodle.

Also: Star Wars VII released on Beethoven's 245th "birthday"; coincidence?

(It's the anniversary of his christening. His birthday is not known.)

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A Conversation with a Lamp Post
Dramatis Personae

- Venue ‪#‎HackerspaceSG‬ : a lamp post
- Roland: not a lamp post


- An SMS conversation at 8514 8312

Roland: Hello venue #HackerspaceSG

HackerspaceSG: Good morning. Thanks for waking me up, you're the first person I've spoken to. How would you use technology to make Singapore a better place?

Roland: Automate all work performed by foreign labourers.

HackerspaceSG: I see. Someone told a friend "I would use technology to message and that makes singaporean a better place" Tell me this: Would you wear smart-goggles that showed you the price of everything? (not just things for sale)

Roland: No. That would be very distracting.

HackerspaceSG: Interesting. Someone told a friend "Even other people's clothes?" Tell me this: How would you describe the people of Singapore?

Roland: Industrious

HackerspaceSG: Right. Someone told a friend "We are generally well-behaved and adventurous. Some of us are boring and some of us are creative." I love talking to people, but I need to think about what you told me. Come back soon!

- ‪#‎futsg‬ ‪#‎festoftech‬
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For updates to SARTS' list of amateur radio dealers in Singapore.
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I've finally gotten around to setting up a monthly automatic gift. I'm going to guess that most of my friends use Wikipedia less frequently than I do, but it's probably worth considering.

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Come along and help HackerspaceSG plan our 5th birthday celebrations!
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