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*Modern website redesign 101*

This article discusses why the website should be responsive design and how to know if it is time for your website to change and undergo a website redesign process.
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*4 Common Channels of Export Marketing*

This article describes four common export marketing strategies to be used. They include: 1) advertising in international trade magazines, 2) participating in international trade shows, 3) using your export marketing website, and 4) sending email promotion letters.
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*Using Websites to Further Your Export Marketing Business*

Practically all major business ventures these days use the Internet, and export marketing is no exception, as it’s the quickest way you can reach out to customers. Unlike other marketing and advertising tools, websites are very cost effective and can reach anyone in the world who has Internet access. However, an exporting website can do a lot more. 

A Marketing Tool
Your website and any site you maintain on social media are powerful marketing tools, and the number of people that visit your website tells you how effective your plan is so far. Second, there are programs available that can notify you which parts of the site visitors click on, and this will help your team formulate the right export strategy. Furthermore, a website can be used for product analysis, assessing selling points and if the products are truly marketable. 

In addition, an export company website can be used to evaluate your target market, and using analytics and consumer feedback, understand the social, cultural and economic characteristics of your target market. In addition, the Internet is useful in decoding customers’ buying patterns and the factors that affect their decisions. 

Other Benefits of Running a Website
A website does more than just provide an online presence for your company, as it also acts a platform for competitive analysis. By comparing the number of hits your site gets compared to the competition, you’ll know right away if your pricing and marketing methods are correct. What this means is your company will be in a better position to implement reforms to reach the desired goals. 

Your website in other words, will play a huge role in achieving your objectives, meet profit expectations and increase market share. Provided that your website is updated regularly it will act as a magnet to draw customers and increase your market share. Once you’ve gathered all the information on your website, you’ll be able to implement promotions and other activities that will strengthen your position. 

What it all comes down to is this: your website gives your export marketing business more than just an online presence, as it also makes it easier to evaluate your marketing schemes at different stages to determine if you’re still on track to achieve your targets or if modifications are needed. 

In many cases you don’t even need to collect the information manually since analytical tools are available that will do it for you. Once you do have the information you need, it’s time to integrate the data including local import and export laws, the competition, consumer demand and other requirements and prerequisites. And while it might seem like a lot of work, having a website will make data gathering easier as it stores information left behind by site visitors which you can use. Of course, you may well plan your website during the web design phrase to meet all these requirements. 

Leadxpress Global Importer & Buyer Directory Editor
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*How to use foreign trade website to effectively expand international markets?*

Expanding international markets is vital for foreign trade enterprises and export manufacturers to survive and grow. No matter what kinds of export promotion or marketing strategies you used, a key factor to success is your foreign trade website. Why ? 

It is true for the following reasons:

1) High trade platform competition
There is a mis-concept in many foreign trade enterprises that a web presence with the product images will attract buyers and close transaction. Hence, many export companies set up their websites on the B2B export portal without actively and seriously building their own foreign trade export marketing website. Since these sites in the B2B export portal are displayed in the similar form, it is unable to highlight the characteristics of enterprises and their products. Hence, it is very difficult for the business to attract international buyers’ attention among the fierce competition of many similar sites on the B2B export portal platform. Even though the international buyers can find your products, it only starts with a low price competition among your competitors at the export portal. Your export business falls in the low-level OEM manufacturer bottleneck. 

2) More flexible in export marketing strategies
Many export manufacturers think that the B2B trade portal is a cost-effective way to compete in internet and expand oversea markets. It is indeed undeniable it can bring some buyers to enquiry via the platform, but this undoubtedly restrict the business development. Why? It is because not all oversea buyers are using such a portal to search for product suppliers. Most prefer to use Google to search on the Internet. Therefore, a search engine friendly (SEO friendly) foreign trade export marketing website is very important. Moreover, it is not very expensive setting up such an exporting marketing website to allow you to benefit from a wide variety of export marketing strategies such as PPC (Pay-per-click Ad, Adwords, etc.), search engine optimization (SEO), permission-based email marketing, social media and inbound marketing, B2B foreign trade platform, exhibition marketing, and so on …… 

3) Enhancing the corporate image and its credibility
No matter what marketing strategies (e.g. email marketing, B2B foreign trade platform, or exhibition marketing) used, foreign buyers at first evaluate you thru your foreign trade website. They believe your corporate website will reflect your management personnel’s capabilites. If your website poorly organized with incorrect translation and/or grammatical mistakes , difficult to use, hard to search for required information, or judgment from your website that you do not deserve cooperation, your customers will leave and give up communicating with you. It means all your export marketing efforts void. Hence, professionalism of foreign trade export marketing website largely restricts the effectiveness of your export promotion. Worse still, is that some export companies use the B2B export trade platform and do not have their own websites. It is similar to a company using free webmail and gives very informal feel. What will your protential customers think if you could not afford even a corporate website?  What is your size? Will you have the production capacity to timely complete your orders? When will this business suddenly disappear?  How difficult can such export business build clients’ confident?

As previously explained, the export marketing website is so important. What should we pay attention to build this website? 

They can be listed as below:
1. Concern web design in more details, focusing on the customer usability;
2. Professional web design and corporate email services to establish a professional image;
3. Site navigation should be clear, user-friendly, easy to search required information by customers;
4. Build a search engine friendly export marketing website;
5. Professional content and business profiles, highlighting the company’s positioning with customer success stories to win customer trust;
6.The English version of the site should be carefully proof-read and avoid translation and spelling errors;
7. Privacy policy should be set to declare the usage of the email subscriptions;
8. Site should be easily maintained by users to frequently update the product information;
9. Monitor the website traffic and visitors’ activites and optimize the site as necessary. 

Leadxpress Global Importer & Buyer Directory Editor
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*Develop an effective Landing Page for Export Promotion*

In my last article “How to send email in the legal way for export promotion?”, I mentioned some guidelines to avoid sending unsolicited commercial email. Today, I will discuss another important factor to the success of email promotion. 

Generally, there is less chance to close a sale by one email message. It requires more information to persuade the protential clients. Hence, the objective of the email sales letter is to entice the protential buyers to click through to a landing page where more detailed sell information is presented. The page will usually display content that is a logical extension of the email advertisement.

There are two types of landing pages :

1. Reference landing page
It presents information that is relevant to the email. These can display more product information, photos, and various links to company website, etc.

2. Transactional landing page
It generally persuades a protential client to complete a transaction (suchas filling out an order form), with the end goal of closing or converting a prospect into a customer. If information is to be captured, the page will usually capture some minimal amount of information (i.e. an email address, name and telephone no.) – and adds the prospect to a mailing list for further communication and relationship building. 

A landing page is a critical link in online communications and can go a long way toimprove email promotion results and drive revenue. Some tips to consider when developing an effective landing page: 

a) On average, 50% of responders who click through to a landing page leave the page. Make sure your page grabs attention quickly by restating the call to action from the email sales letter.

b) Avoid directing responders to your home page. This approach does not carry through the call to action from the email–losing credibility.

c) Don’t ask too many questions if your landing page is a form to be completed. Three to five fields are recommended. 

d) Keep the copy on the landing page short and to the point, but use as much space as you need to convey your message and land the sale. 

e) Always test call to action text on landing pages to boost conversion.
f) Add social media integration on landing pages to boost customer confidence in your brand. 

Of course, it is very important to send to the right target customers. Otherwise, all your email marketing efforts will be fruitless. Hence, use the global importers directory as your target contact list for your export promotion. 

Leadxpress Global Importer & Buyer Directory Editor
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*How to promote your export marketing website to global importers using internet marketing?*

Since international buyers & importers search product information and purchase from exporters using internet, more and more foreign trade enterprises set up their foreign trade export marketing website and apply both internet marketing and offline marketing strategies (e.g. trade fair and exhibition marketing) in their export marketing mix to promote their products worldwide. In order to attain best effect, we list some steps and points to be noted as below: 

1)      Get a good domain for your site
For the best effect in internet marketing, it is vital to set up an foreign trade export marketing website as the first step to start. Before proceeding to build the website, it is especially important to register a good domain which should be short, easily brandable, easy-to-remember, and contains the important keyword or search phrase if possible, so that it will facilitate website promotion and brand building latter. 

2)      Build a killer website for your export business
Your website is the window to your protential buyers’ first access. Perphaps, it is the only one that your clients will judge your business and then make decision to cooperate with you or not. Whatever your business size, you may impress your clients (the international importers and buyers for your products) and build their confident to you using a professional and well-organized export marketing website. Hence, it should consider the visitor’s culture and searching practice during the web design and production phrases. It of course should not overlook the competitors’ websites and their internet marketing strategies. It is vital to apply search engine optimization (SEO), web usability, and social media marketing during the web design. 

3)      Put your site URL everywhere
After you built your website, it is time to make your clients and prospects know about your website. No one will visit your website if you don’t promote it. Put your website URL on your business cards, the letter heads, envelops, all promotion literatures, and in the signature of all of your emails. 

4)      Submit to search engines and directories
In the internet ages today, most people search product information on the web using a search engine or directory. It is therefore important to submit your website to the search engines and directories which bring your site free qualified traffic. However, no one can find your website if your web pages cannot be listed in the top position of the search result pages. It is therefore necessary to optimize your web pages using ethical search engine optimization techniques before submitting to the search engines and directories.

5)      Build external links
Another way to generate quality traffic to your website is to build external links of similar related business to your site. External links not only can boost your site traffic but also increase your search engine ranking. Traffic from search engines is very qualified because these leads are more targeted and more valuable than traditional media advertising methods. 

6)      Promote by email marketing
Email marketing is a cost-effective direct marketing method to bring most targeted prospects to your website and also build a strong base of repeat customers if it can be properly set. For export marketing, the Global Importers and Buyers Directory is a valuable lead source and international direct marketing tool for export promotion.

Besides, it is effective method to collect the subscribers’ emails on the website for subsequent email follow-ups. 

7)      Use Pay-per-click Ad
Pay-per-click Ad is the most direct, simple, and fast effective tool to promote the website. A strategically and properly used pay-per-click ad can work together with search engine optimization strategy to generate significant qualified traffic to the website. 

8)      Use blog marketing
Corporate blog is an effective tool to build brand and authorities. It can also generate traffic to the site and act as a magnet to attract linking. 

9)      Post business information and trade leads
It is possible to post trade leads and business information on internet to promote the website via industry portals, yellow pages and directory sites, supplier and exporter directories, global B2B supply and demand trade lead sites, etc. 

10)      Use video marketing
Video marketing is an internet marketing channel to display videos of corporate products and events on video media sites to promote the website and enhance its credibility.

11)      Integrate Strategies Online and Offline
An effective campaign uses an export marketing mix including online and offline marketing strategies. It is also important to track the effectiveness of the marketing strategy by monitoring the site traffic and visitor’s performance and then make necessary changes in the marketing strategies. 

Leadxpress Global Importer & Buyer Directory Editor
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*Benefits of B2B Trade Platforms to Online Buyers and Sellers Alike*

With the adaptation of b2b trade platforms, the global way of doing business has taken a dramatic shift in its direction. In the past, global suppliers may rely on the global importer and buyer directory and email promotion to access international importers. These b2b trade platforms have made online connections and communications between global buyers and sellers easier and faster. 

It is Now Even Easier to Make Money Online

Online business transactions from anywhere in the world can now be consummated with ease and security. Geographical locations are no longer a barrier to two parties that have agreed on a certain mutually beneficial transaction. The ability to increase one’s sales revenue, coupled with the reduction in operating cost is simply a tempting business opportunity that no practical thinking entrepreneur will pass up. 

b2b Trade Platforms Advantages to Suppliers

If you are a supplier of goods and services, you can benefit a lot by utilizing these platforms: 

With b2b you will be able to track down every cent that you spent in promoting your product. This enables you to critically evaluate whether a type of promotion has produced results or not, and modify your marketing efforts based on these results.
You will save a significant amount of money since you will have no building expenses. Since you only have a website to maintain, you don’t need to hire a full complement of sales staff to process your orders, thus you will also save on your operating costs.
You will gain access to new customers and expand your market without having to set up a physical store to increase your products’ visibility.
You no longer need to spend enormous amounts of money for product advertisements.
Your ordering process will also be streamlined, enabling your customers to have their products delivered to their homes faster. With b2b, you can save at least 10% of your sales order processing costs.

b2b Trade Platforms Advantages to Buyers

These e-commerce platforms have also a number of advantages to buyers and importers: 

You are no longer limited to your local suppliers. These platforms will enable you to get the best products all over the world.
With a lot of suppliers at your disposal, you will be able to negotiate for the best prices for the items you need.
With b2b trade platforms, you will be able to have your products delivered to your door faster. From the ordering process to the delivery process, your order will be fully tracked so that if there is any problem, you will be given a timely update.
If you are a product manufacturer who depends on raw materials in your production, b2b will enable you to source out all the material suppliers that you want and not be limited to your local raw material supplier. Thus you are able to negotiate for the best price and the best delivery time. 

Leadxpress Global Importer & Buyer Directory Editor
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*Does an Export Marketing Business Need a Website?* 

As the B2B trade platforms are very popular and commonly used by exporters and manufacturers, does an export marketing enterprise really need a website? 

The short answer is yes, if you’re into the export marketing business you need a website and for many reasons. However, it’s not enough that you set up a website as you need to make sure that your presence online makes a difference and can help your business attain its objectives. 

Setting Down the Objectives
The first thing you need to do is set down the reasons why you want to establish your own website. The reasons will vary of course, but as a general guide it should be to get people interested in your products and services, promote them, encourage people to buy and stay a step ahead of the competition. At the same time your website should help develop the appropriate strategic pricing techniques so your business makes profit. 

Apart from those, your website can be used to set up a realistic price and profit range. By using the information left behind by site visitors, not to mention email and feedback, you’ll have little trouble assessing production, delivery and distribution costs and how well you’re doing against the competition. The last point in particular is easy to figure out as you just need to check where you place in in search engine results.

Other Ways That a Website Can Help
Your website can also be used to provide information that will affect your customers and business partners, including currency fluctuations and exchange rates, and you can also use your website to provide information about business, credit checks and more.

Taking the Next Step
Ultimately what a website can do is help your business determine what the next step will be and also figure out how much the market can bear given the prevailing situation. In addition, the Internet gives you an opportunity to size up the competition in the market and where you stand. A lot of factors affect the market exporting business, and depending on the situation you may need to undercut or match the price to gain market share. 

Whatever the case may be the Internet and your website can provide valuable information concerning the pricing and customer behavior, allowing you to make the necessary changes to the price, shipping and other figures. In addition you can use the web to attract more customers, and as people now use the Internet for research, it’s important that the website is updated regularly to meet the needs of your customers. Hence, your export marketing website design should be well planned and constructed to meet its objectives. 

Leadxpress Global Importer & Buyer Directory Editor
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網站新形象更貼合其營商創業的資訊主題。正如 所言,他們是一綜合性營商資訊網站,免費為向營商創業者提供各種營商創業資訊,如電子商貿資訊、市場推廣方法、營商錦囊、商業資源、科技應用、營商課程、營商名錄等等,旨在協助營商創業人士,能掌握營商市場脈絡,拓展更大商機。
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