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I'm wanting to get back in to Middle-earth. The game is likely to hit some weeks where my work schedule means that I can't run a session. If I'm home, running a session is fine. From a hotel, it means the players need to be able to use Hamachi. I've not yet found a reasonably priced VPN that will allow me to set up a rule to forward the 1802 port on the VPN IP address. When travelling, even the Hamachi / VPN option is not viable.

Got two interested players. Could do with a couple more.
FG Calendar Entry:

Time range Fridays from 8pm to 10/11pm UK time.

I'll be looking to run through published adventures, some of which you may have run through before, though I'll probably not run them as published. Standard starting characters. I'll be drawing from Tales of Wilderland, Darkening of Mirkwood, Ruins of the North for adventures. Heart of the Wild, Rivendell, and Horse Lords for setting.

Azrapse's Character Builder

Thanks for the invite. Dramasystem should be interesting. Hope to be able to play in this. Other systems that would work for the period is would be Keltia or Age of Arthur, not that I'm suggesting a switch. Just contributing to the collections, or addictions, of others. 😁

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I'm thinking of starting up what, I hope, will be a long running campaign for The One Ring. This will greatly depend on the mix of players and characters. The details of the story are to be decided from the characters that players come up with. The theme will be a gathering darkness as the shadow takes power once again in Mordor. The setting will start around 2949 TA, and I'll continue as long as we can all keep it going in terms of ideas and enjoyment of the game. This could mean a one shot if things don't work, or it could mean a two year campaign.

As a GM, I want players who will engage with the setting, the story and their characters. I want players with a mature (in outlook not age) attitude, who will act as the free-folk of Middle-earth are liable to act. You will gain shadow (especially for misdeeds) and lose hope, this is not a punishment but part of the setting. I'm open to starting the setting in Eriador or in Rhovanion, but I want players who are interested in story over character "optimisation" or making the system work for them. Preferably no Dunedain or Elves. If you want to play one of those races, I want a good backstory and reason for it. Ideally, ordinary folk who have decided to act rather than sit back and watch. A holding or steadfast could form a part of the game, with the characters protecting their home. This will be a two-way process, the more players give me as story from their characters and engage with the setting, the more I'm going to be able to provide as a GM and the longer the story will go on. 

I would prefer to run using the text-chat, but I'm open to using voice chat if all players agree. If so, probably a Skype group or Google Hangouts. My characterisation and description are better in written media, and I can publish the chat logs for the players to refer to.

Depending on interest, I'll look to create characters next week (9th May) and start the week after. If players are keen, then the online character builder ( can be used and we can start on the 9th May. Please respond and give an idea as to what sort of character you'd like to play.

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Here's some more deckplans, mainly a Traveller home-brew. They may be of use for your own sci-fi games.

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I'm also working on a ruleset for Yggdrasill, but I don't know if that'll be ready for FGCon.

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The Cairn game for FGCon will now be run using a custom ruleset. I've nearly completed the character sheet - just a spells tab to add.

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Looking for players for a Friday evening game of Yggdrasill (8pm to 11pm UK time). I'm looking at running the full Offerings to the Great Winter adventure as an introduction to the game. Possibly looking at running a further adventure following that if players wish. I would estimate that the Offerings to the Great Winter adventure will take 4 to 6 sessions.

Note: I'll be running a cut-down version of this scenario as a one-shot for FGCon. The first session will cover the same ground as the FGCon session is intended to.

Scenario: The runes have spoken, and through them, the gods. But their words remain obscure. The characters are dispatched to find answers, to the western coasts of Norway to consult a powerful sorceress. The way is dangerous, a gauntlet they must run to reach their goal.

Pre-generated Characters are available. I'll be using the Text Chat within Fantasy Grounds.
6 player slots available.
1) Sigurd Ivarsson – Hirdman (warrior)
2) Hild Thorbjornsdottir – Volva (seer of the Gods)
3) Thorgrim Olavsson – Beserker (warrior of Odin)
4) Klemet Gandalvsson – Thulr (nature seer)
5) Yngwe Gilsursson – Skald (bard)
6) Jorun Hrolfsdottir – Noble

Alias: infirm ogre cold bard

Calendar entry: 

I'm going to be trying out a few new things this con. Firstly I am going to run two systems that I've not run before. Secondly I'm going to try and run things via text chat. Normally, for the conventions, I'll use voi e but that's not my normal way of running games. I use text for two main reasons. I work better in the written media than vocal. My brain just works that way. For players this means they get better description of scenes. The second reason is that you tend to get more in-character interaction from the players.

My schedule is as follows. All 8pm to 11pm UK time.
Fri - Yggdrasill. Chapter 1 of the Offerings to the Great Winter.
Sat - The One Ring. A cut down version of the Marsh Bell.
Sun - Cairn. A game of awakened animals. 

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Kickstarter to produce a film of the Battle of Axanar, the pivotal battle of the Four Years War between the UFP and the Klingon Empire. I backed the Prelude of Axanar documentary style, which is excellent and should be available on the page for this Kickstarter soon. I've also backed this in the hope that the feature length film will be as good or better than the "history channel" style Prelude. 
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