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John Hawker

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It was, sorry, a boatload of photo's and stories,
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village life
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John Hawker

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Yep - sure are, especially if they have a farang (white) son in law. they bludge off the son in law, take his money and do NOTHING all day long!


That's what I hear from all the other Farangs often in Bangkok and cities, and to prove they are right, let's have a look at my Mother In Law's shop.

There it is EMPTY - no one there! So the Farangs MUST be right!

Lazy old chook she is!

Off course it's raining, so maybe that's why no one is there but she's still lazy right?????

Hmmm, so what's she doing while she isn't cooking? Gossiping I bet!

Well, with all the rain, we get these reeds, so she and her husband, my lazy father-in-law went out and cut long reeds, dried them when they could, dyed them some nice colours, and just stuck them in a corner, lazy sods and left them there!


And now the old lazy old chook is just sitting under a Sala with her friend who is 75 talking, GOSSIPING, what LAZY PEOPLE!!!

Look at these two lazy ladies!!!

Talking while they set up a loom for weaving the reeds, tying the knots tights, must hurt those old fingers, so they eat beatle nut to dull the pain, dirty old girls, to make MATTS, 


Why do they make MATTS, 

Well - they are lazy people, sit around doing nothing! So when it rains and they have no customers for their shop they make matts so they have something to sit on of course, and sell, and to do something while they gossip I guess. 


So where is her husband? My lazy father-in-law?

Out the back I bet!

Yep - there he is making guess what, small fishing rods, because with all this rain he can go out at night and FISH, 


Going off fishing instead of working! 

I mean he can buy those small rods for a few cents each, he should have scabbed the money from me, but instead he's so dumb he makes them himself, dumb and lazy 


And he'll fish tonight instead of sleeping so he can sell the fish for a few dollars, talk about a silly lazy bugger! 

And see that cute little Sala he sits under?

He made that for my wife, total cost was $150 inclding bricks and cement including the pond and fountain, you see the wood and stuff comes from his farm. silly bugger gave it to me for free.

And that lovely cottage behind him?

That's a one bedroom home for my Farang mother, he and his mates made that, the wood again came from his farm, as did the thatching, so that's free, the cement and brick we paid for, we paid his mates to work but he worked for free because the silly bugger loves my mum, so the house with a bathroom, air con, etc, cost, $2000, can you imagine that, a "farang" - white style home with bed, shower, flush toilet etc, for $2000, mostly because these lazy dumb buggers worked for free or peanuts, and gave me their wood and stuff for free.

Gee Wizz, they really are lazy stoopid people aren't they?


That's me under the tree - I work bloody hard for the money I earn as you can see and it's not enough, I need a pay rise to support all these lazy people!
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Nice to meet you.
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John Hawker

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Have them in circles
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John Hawker

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John Hawker

commented on a video on YouTube.
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One of my fav cars I have ever owned, so hard to keep on the road, but I felt so cool evvery time I drove it
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John Hawker

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Early Morning Fog
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John Hawker

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My mum, known universally as Honney Mumma, is 88 today, here she is from her recent 2 stays with friends from the village, that's me supervising the rice planting by the way!
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Happy Birthday Honney!
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John Hawker

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Well I'm enjoying doing some b/w - well I set the digital to b/w and take the pics, it seems cheating to turn a photo into b/w later.
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Have them in circles
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Well I am pissed as G+ for 6 months wouldn't let me add people so I set up a FACEBOOK page, pit that on G+ and guess what


I can add people on G+ again!


SO - Guess what my new tagline is G+?

I'm a fat broke farang (white man in Thailand) who uses technology to empower poor rural people to access education and create wealth.

Many talk about it, my team and I did it

We didn't talk it, we walked it. usually getting our feet muddy in paddy fields and jungly bits.

A while back we tried to use G+ for our ZOCA.ME project from Ghana, dismal failure that was!

That project was aimed to use e-commerce to increase the returns to artists, initially in Ghana, but also in Thailand and other places eventually, for their work.

I firmly believe that local villages and small towns CAN own their own networks.

No - that's wrong, we don't believe that, we've proved that!

That way when people access the internet at fast speeds, instead of money leaving the village and town just as fast, it stays in the town, helping build the local economy!

By the way, I'm also insanely jealous of Larry and serge's millions of follower's on G+ who seem to think every picture they take is great, so I've decided that being fat, broke, and living in the middle of a rice paddy under the Laos border shouldn't stop me from getting at least as many followers as well!

So help me and join my loyal following of 12 people (Hi mum,  Hi George) poke some fun at the powers that be and help me help the poor get access to better internet!

Plus, some of you may realize I take better photo's for a Fat Farang than either of them :) actually Serge isn't bad, Larry's pics are pretty so so.

As well - I hope you may just discover the dreams we've had to bring access to education,  wealth and job to poor rural people in developing areas.

Thanks to mates who are not rich, Sat-Ed proved it can be done,

We CAN bring wealth creation by ICT to poor rural areas simply and easily.

That was with mates like Kevin, Stuart, Case, Bob, Joe, and others, imagine if I had rich mates what I could do? I could change the face of Africa.

Sorry if I seem a bit blunt, a tad too honest, but that's just how it is.

So if you find yourself here - and enjoy it, welcome to my path I cutting threw the world.

As a teacher said:

"Hawker, you don't even take the path less trodden, you insist on cutting a swath through the toughest places, why?"

I guess the answer is anything less is boring to me. I must have been cursed with the ancient Chinese Proverb "May you live in Interesting times"

If you don't like the drivel I post, sorry, but thanks for stopping by, no harm intended.

John Hawker
Founder Sat-Ed
A Social Enterprise that has had more ups and downs than a Bottle of Whiskey on St Pat's day (coming soon).

I develop ICT locally owned platforms, so that local small people in developing counties, can see the big world and join it

They can use it instead of being used

They can take money instead of being taken

Our models worked on a net income inflow, rather than outflow of capital.

I hate complex financial models usually there's a con in there somewhere.

I work in the rural areas, villages, rice paddies and jungles are my preferred homes.

PS - My pics ARE better than you know who's!
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