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C&S Redbook

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C&S Redbook

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"C&S RB 7th Edition is in development.
The future release will be powered with a new game mechanic for a better consistency"


C&S Redbook

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C&S Red Book 6th edition
864 pages available as a free downloadable pdf
book1 : the great campaign
book2: the book of chivalry
book3 : the book of sorcery
book4: warfare
book5: crusaders
book6: king Arthur
book 7: Saurians
book8: the campaign book
book9: the appendices
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C&S Redbook

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In response to the accusation that Dungeons & Dragons was only about dragons and dungeons, Fantasy Games Unlimited released Chivalry & Sorcery in 1976. Created by Ed Simbalist and Wilf Backhaus, Chivalry & Sorcery embraced a realistic approach to medieval France in the 12th century, complete with feudalism and the Catholic Church. Chivalry & Sorcery was most note-worthy for creating the term "game master." It was one of the first games to place the setting at utmost importance over the mechanics of the game.
The ability to adopt a persona is central to gaming. Ed Simbalist, the codesigner of Chivalry and Sorcery, is particularly articulate about role-playing in role-playing games:

"It is a means of personal expression on a highly creative and imaginative level. It is the spontaneous creation of a "living novel" or a "psychodrama," interaction amongst players on many different levels as they create alter egos in the persons of their characters and so enter into imaginative and excited realms of existence denied to them in their everyday lives. The more fully they themselves capture the spirit of their characters and imbue them with rounded personalities, backgrounds, and motivations separate from their own, the more the players become "actors" on a stage of their own making... If one is going to create a world that is "alive" and charged with real adventure, role playing is essential. One must get inside his character, see what motivates him and makes him unlike any other, breathe life into him as an individual, and above all surrender one's twentieth century self to the illusion and be that character—see, feel, think, and act as he would. Only then will the activity be more than counting gold or bodies or experience points... We are all playwrights and actors and audience rolled into one. If it is a good performance, we are highly gratified and, though limp with repeated adrenalin surges, we make plans to meet for the next foray into "Our World."

Ed's rhetoric, however, should not disguise the fact that role-playing is difficult, and players do not always role-play well.

C&S Redbook

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Need i say more? Probably, the best fantasy rpg ever written. The second edition of Chivalry & Sorcery includes three core rulebooks. Book 1 discusses character creation, special character traits, experience and advancement,...

C&S Redbook

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Chivalry & Sorcery Red book 6th edition: Hydra
The Loyal Order of Chivalry & Sorcery Revival Team.
Join the true spirit of Chivalry & Sorcery rpg.
We are the keeper of the traditional roots of C&S.

Chivalry and Sorcery is a role playing game famous for its approach to fantasy that is grounded in the historical middle ages, including a magic system based on the beliefs of the time.

First published in 1977 by FGU.
Publishing fine games since 1975.
P.O. Box 1082, Gilbert, AZ 85299