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damn that hurts me a lot, thanks anyways.
lol at the Myspace comment. I never even used Myspace. I was a late-comer to social media. I think I registered on facebook and twitter around the same time (April 2009). 2010 would be Tumblr my tumblr registration (didn't really start using it until September 2011). Started using Google+ like August 2011? and my dailybooth and vyou were registered in 2011 (rarely use dailybooth. never answered questions on vyou but I do watch other people's questions. Vyou = formspring in video form). Also my formspring was probably registered in late 2010 maybe.
I don't keep track of those. The myspace was for my band. Now I prefer bandcamp
I haven't even heard the word "Myspace" in months. Shows how forgotten it really is I guess.
Jenny A
Nice to see all my fellow zombies on a dead place like G+.
It would have been funny if it was true :)
I never had a Myspace account. It just seemed like a porn playground and at that time in my life (teenage) all my friends were within driving range. Besides, at that age we were playing in graveyards =)
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