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Kim Bussey
Love to laugh and write. Sometines simultaneously.
Love to laugh and write. Sometines simultaneously.

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Thanks for the invite.  I've been wanted to be more involved here on Google+

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I keep skipping over this site. I know I should get here more often and think the time will soon come when I've got things under control enough that I can.

I have a friend in need of cash. She has an original Barbie and Midge, the big plastic case, clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Anyone know where to go to get the best price on something like this?

I need to switch my blog to a new platform. The one I'm using is new, I started as a beta test. Almost none of the nifty little add on things work with it. Since I'm now on G+, I'm thinking of moving to Google's blogs. Anyone else using it or can offer a thumbs up or down?

Yesterday I was reading a blog that was so poorly written I wanted to start editing it. Not a MNINB member blog, just something I was checking on Twitter. But wow, did my blue pencil want to tear into it.

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When is using regional dialogue too much? An old post from before MNINB. Thought you might be interested. Cool! My first G+ post. I've just been doing replies.

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My Blog - It's good for a laugh!
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