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Joseph Alba Jr
" If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run. Yours is the Earth and everything in it. And which is more you'll be a Man my Son." - Rudyard Kipling
" If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run. Yours is the Earth and everything in it. And which is more you'll be a Man my Son." - Rudyard Kipling


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To be truly healthy you have to work on these areas:

1) Exercise daily alternating aerobic and strength training.

2) A varied, alternating & diverse diet of meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc, etc...

3) A balanced lifestyle - time for social, physical, spiritual & financial.

4) Take herbal, all natural supplements to boost your energy level.

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ENGLISH Translated from Filipino

"As I sat in the taxi enjoying telling stories with the cab driver  ... suddenly somebody a pedestrian crossed our path ... the cab driver couldn't immediately stop ... so he avoided the pedestrian by turning the steering wheel ... but unknowlingly a car was speeding behind us ... We nearly collided ... Thank God nothing bad happened ... But the car driver went down his car and started to cuss, yell and curse the cab driver... To my amazement ... I did not see any glimpse of anger from the cab driver ... Instead he smiled and kept saying sorry, sorry ... and even  asked if I was OK ... and even more he asked the pedestrian who cause all this trouble if he was OK also... he told the pedestrian to be careful next time... We continued our journey ... I asked the driver why he was not angry and why he did not yell back at the car driver who was cursing him ...
here's his answer .....
'You know life is very short life to devote to sadness and grief ... We should enjoy it ... Happiness is all that everyone wants... All our PROBLEMS, sadness, envy, resentment, grievances, and Ego is just GARBAGE... Each and everyone of us brings that GARBAGE everywhere we go ... And sometimes people throw and leave that GARBAGE behind ... so if ever he cussed and cursed at me earlier, that means he threw that GARBAGE at me ... THEN WHY SHOULD I PICK IT UP ... Why should I do the same ... I don't want  to fight with him ... Because we must fill ourselves with only beautiful and happiness ... We should not collect GARBAGE  and especially do not PICK UP the GARGABE discarded by others. "

'BASURA' (GARBAGE) -  Original in Filipino
'Habang nakasakay ako sa taxi... masaya kaming nagkukuwentuhan ng driver... nang may biglang tumawid sa aming dinadaanan... hindi agad nakapreno ang driver... pero iniwasan niya ito para hindi mabangga ang tumawid... at sa di inaasahang pagkakataon... may kasunod pala kami na mabilis ang takbo... at muntik na niya kaming mabangga... Salamat sa Diyos at walang nangyaring masama... pero bumaba ang driver na muntik ng bumangga sa amin at pinagmumura niya ang katabi kong driver... Ang ipinagtaka ko lang... hindi ko kinakitaan ng galit ang katabi kong driver... sa halip nakangiti pa rin ito at panay ang hingi ng paumanhin... at higit sa lahat yung taong tumawid na pinagmulan ng lahat ay tinanong pa ng katabi kong driver kung OK lang ba ito... at sinabihan pa na mag ingat ka sa pagtawid... sa mahinahong salita at may ngiti sa labi... at nagpatuloy ang aming paglalakbay... Tinanong ko ang driver kung bakit hindi siya nagalit at kung bakit hindi niya pinatulan yung taong nagmura sa kanya...
eto ang sagot niya.....
' alam mo masyadong maikli ang buhay para lang ilaan natin ito sa lungkot at pighati... dapat magpakasaya tayo... iyon naman ang gusto ng bawat isa sa atin ang maging masaya... ang mga PROBLEMA, LUNGKOT, INGGIT, SAMA NG LOOB, HINANAKIT, at GALIT ay para yang mga BASURA... dala-dala ng bawat isa sa atin ang mga basurang yan... at minsan itinatapon at inilalabas yan ng tao... so kung minura man niya ako kanina, ibig sabihin itinapon lang niya mga basura sa akin... eh bakit ko naman iyon pupulutin... hindi ko naman siya kailangang patulan... ayokong mapuno ako ng basura at mabulok ang pagkatao ko... Dapat kasi pinupuno natin ang ating sarili ng mga magaganda at masasayang bagay... hindi tayo dapat nag-iipon ng basura at lalo na huwag mong dadamputin ang mga basurang itinapon na ng iba.'
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Thank you "SANTO NERO"
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                             I Feel Great Today…

A letter to a Friend:

“ Hi Octo,

How are you doing my friend?

I think our little talks have finally broken through my long slumbering spirit.

I feel great today as if a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders. Everything feels light…everything clear. I just need to ignite the spirit further.

I’ll tell you the story how it happened. 

For the past few months I have been having overheating problems with my old 1992 BMW 525i. Little did I know that something was up. 

No matter how much money I spent trying to fix it this or that would break or fail. This gave me a lot of frustration and stress. It even affected my relationship with my wife, because I would put in all the limited money we had to try and fix it. I would ask my brothers and relatives for money to change this or that car part. But nothing worked.

Until finally we had no one to ask help from. My car just stuck there in the garage helpless. For the next few weeks I had to walk a couple of blocks and wait for a cab to go to work. This was very demoralizing for me and I was really feeling so low. Imagine before I could come and go as I pleased with nothing to restrain me. Now I had to wait an hour or even more to catch a cab while I see cars pass me by - afraid that some of my friends might see me. What would they think. Worse, some cab drivers would even reject to give me a ride, because of the traffic. Not once, not twice, but thrice sometimes adding to my frustration.

But during the last few days I thought of the words, “Remain humble…”

Also, I noticed that riding a cab was not so bad. I was not as tired since I had someone to drive for me and had a travel companion as well to speak with about anything and everything about “being a cab driver”.

A few days before Valentine’s Day, I tried to ask some money again from family to fix the car. Nobody cared and everyone just dismissed my pleas. 

A week before Valentine’s Day my wife and I got into a big fight about our finances, our failed businesses, our car, etc, etc. We did not talk for a few days. We were cold to each other. Small things, words, anything will ignite a fight.

“What else will go wrong”, I asked myself.

My wife arranged a special Valentine’s date for us prior buying from a Group Buying Site which sold discounted concert tickets at a hotel. The problem was we did not have a car. I tried desperately to borrow a ride, but to no avail. I even asked an uncle who had around 10 or 12 cars in his parking lot lying around, but no response to my text message. Why?

So yesterday Valentine’s Day, we proceeded with our date meeting halfway inside a mall between our house and my office. When I saw her I was speechless. She wore this avocado green skirt with animal print high-heeled shoes. I also carried my own in my plaid shirt, black pants and killer smile. We looked like the perfect couple, but had no car. At around 6pm and having no choice as the concert was to start 7pm we stood in line for almost an hour to catch a cab. The wait was unbearable. After a 30 min. wait, we rode the cab and proceeded to go to the hotel for the concert. What was normally a casual 30 min. trip going to the hotel turned into an 1 ½ hour ordeal. Luckily when we arrived at the concert which started late around 8:30pm so everything was fine.

We were seated near one of the sponsors “Santo Nero” which was about to launch their casual shirts business in the country. 

My wife asked, “How much?” 

Unknown to us one of the attendants and model there was an officemate of my wife. He introduced us to the owner a Spanish guy named “Javier” who had a Filipina wife. He told us they are not selling yet, but were soon to launch their store in the country. 

I was surprised when he told me, “I’ll give you one of the shirts for free just give me your calling card so I can call you for your comments on the shirt.” 

I said, “Well, okay.” Who would refuse a free shirt, right.

He insisted that I try on the shirt and wear it in the concert. This shirt was 100% cotton, long sleeved and designed in Italy, sown in Vietnam where they have the finest cotton fabrics. He said they were planning to sell the shirts for P3,000 to P5,000 or around $80 to $120. Wow…what luck. My wife said I looked good. I nodded of course.

We had a great time at the concert and patched things up. The problem was going home again we had to get a cab. The first one we flagged down rejected us. The second gave us a ride home. Ah, what a relief. We tipped  him extra for his kindness.

Today, I had to go to work again early. I decided to skip the cab and take the minivan to go to work, because it did not take too long to wait to get a ride. While on the “shuttle” I found out that the fare was only P45 ($1.20). I was thinking when I took my gas-gusler car to work I would spend around P400 ($10) a day for gasoline and parking. Now only P90 ($2.40). Computing it that would amount to around P5,800 ($140) savings a month which I can spend on other things like paying for bills, tuition fee of my daughter, food, going out, etc.

Why didn’t I think of that before.

I felt a sudden sense of freedom like a giant veil was taken away from my eyes. It was like my whole perspective of things changed. 

Everything was all in my head. It was my pride that the needed fixing, but then I did not know it.


We complicate our lives sometimes with all the material wealth and comforts of this world. We think that by acquiring these we will have more time and freedom to spend. The truth is we have unknowingly become slaves to it. We become so engrossed with acquiring "things"  and preserving possession of it that we forget the very essence of what's important.

Hopefully, this will inspire you.

Your Friend,

Joseph ”

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