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Fun stuff. Drive your friends NUTS for hours. ;-D

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Perfect elements for the Fall Season. (i know it s missing an "e')   #coffee  

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I'll take the Cobalt(II) Chloride Hexahydrate.

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Oldie but goodie. 

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Fold like a Jedi.

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I'd like to re-title this article to: "The Real Problem Is, The Church". I've composed it from a Libertarian perspective. 

What's worse than a State government peering into your bedrooms or hotel/motel rooms just to see if a husband and wife or two consensual adults engaging in oral sex? The Church, which I’ll get to in a moment. Engaging in (anal and) oral sex is on the books in many States to be illegal, yet many Christian couples do it. After all, who's really going to find out? Why keep the "sodomy" law on the books? Could it be that it exists only and solely to openly target and profile homosexuals, even if heterosexuals engage in those acts with one another? This has been a valid argument from the gay community for many years.

You see, the law in which criminalizes anal and oral sex could, in no way shape and form, ever be enforced because the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional 11 years ago. However, and thanks to the Louisiana Family Forum's recent efforts, the Louisiana House has overwhelmingly rejected, by a 66-27 vote, the repeal of the state's unConstitutional anti-sodomy law. 

So, why did I take the time to respond to the linked article? I believe that it illustrates the grip over people’s private lives as it does previously paralleled. Rather than the Church flex its muscles against the reigning tyranny of the federal, state, and local governments across America, they continue to instill guilt into the conscious minds of their sheeple, while at the same time support, promote, endorse, and rally for the votes of the politicians who metaphorically masturbate with our U.S. Constitution. I could list over 1,000 grievances, but that would be another diversion of my point.

Another great example of the hypocrisy is the abortion issue. Many churches teach that its murder and some even picket and protest abortion clinics, yet they support, promote, endorse, and rally for the votes of the politicians who make it easy for the abortions to take place. 

Have you ever heard the message of stopping domestic spying, ending Internet censorship, ending the Federal Reserve, no bailouts, minimum taxation, no income tax, a free market economy coming from the pulpit? And if you did, was it backed up with actions in the voting booths? 

So, the real problem with female masturbation? The church says its sin, but everything that they do, if you really pay attention, is sin as well. Don’t believe me, ask your elders about pride and being boastful. Ask them about the love of money and being materialistic. Ask them about gossiping. Ask them about street preaching and baiting sinners into a debate only to boastfully talk about it later. 

There is a war for control over your lifestyle, intellect, possessions, and your soul. It’s the church and government against you. Wake up. 

Change your voter registration to Libertarian ( The church and the two-party system has failed you. 

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Really? The trend on GOOGLE is NFL Draft, #Annie, The Avengers, Mitt Romney, and Play Station? WTF GOOGLE? How about more important things like #CISPA, and #Ron Paul increasing his changes of winning the Republican Caucasus with his delegates?

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Still doesn't make CISPA right. They're doing this to give us the appearance of winning when they can just add it back on right before the vote. Still need to BEAT the living SHIT out of CISPA!
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