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Day 9 Maastricht, NL to Potsdam, DE
We had decided to get up at 10 the next day so we could have a jam with Kees in his practice room downstairs. As per usual we got up late, but still went and had a jam. Kees has a totally cool set up; a beautiful piano, drums and a butt-load of synths. We j...

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Day 8 Reims, FR to Maastricht, NL
Francesco - Possible the coolest guy in France. Like every morning so far, we woke up. Francesco and his lovely girlfriend popped out and picked up a cooked chicken from their favourite local shop, as well as some nice fresh bread. We were touching on 'brun...

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Day 7 Paris, FR to Reims, FR
No need for an alarm clock this morning… Oh no, no, no! Being licked in the face by a dog will surely do the trick. Wiping the slobber off the face, we got up and headed to the Cardis. Now… if we had thought about the logistics of how our cars were parked t...
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