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I can take a punch
I can take a punch

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Desire to ride the slide at google hq easily outweighs desire to play it cool

I am meeting with the Google+ team today. What should I ask them?

Just went through the transfer process to merge this personal g+ account with my work account. This will make using g+ a ton easier.

One of my favorite things about building Klout is that we get to spend a ton of time studying the evolution of behavior on the social web to make we are doing the right thing with the Klout Score. One (of the many) knocks against Klout has been the question as to whether we are measuring influence or just some form of popularity. Is a retweet or a like really a symbol of influence? I believe that they are but admit that often the behavior can sometimes be hollow.

I think back to 8 or so years ago when email really hit mainstream and how much it was used to just forward lame jokes and chains promising good or bad luck. For the most part I barely receive these any more because most peoples use of email has matured. I am looking forward to the same thing happening in social and Google+ is giving me hope that it is happening sooner than I had hoped.

I love the level of discourse and interaction I am seeing happen on Google+.  Selfishly I believe this is great for Klout because we can analyze real conversations not just happy birthday wishes but I also believe this is a big step for the whole social web. I look forward to a day with less noise, gimmicks and fluff across social media. 

About to jump in a hangout for LeWeb. Join us!

Trying to jump back into g+. Can I combine my personal gmail account with my google apps klout acct? #toolazytoresearchmyself  

I think I am ready to start blogging. I have a Tumblr but it doesn't feel appropriate for longer form content. I also don't like the idea of adding another service to keep up with though. Should I use Wordpress (or some other platform) for my blog or just stick with Tumblr?

Finally beat Portal 2. Such an amazing game in terms of level design.

What's going to be the first car with Spotify built in?

Now that G+ is fully integrated into Klout I need to step my game up. Maybe a stupid question but is there still no way to easily use g+ in the same browser you are using google apps?
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