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visited Green Point Mountain Loop today
Green Point Mountain Loop July 2 2014
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This right here is when I say thank you to the content creators at Razor Alliance.  Particularly Repercussus corp.

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First match of fanfest tourney goes to The Expendables.

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Hooray for customer service.  Oh, wait.

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via Eve Radio ads.

This could be p. cool.

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HYDRA apparently ganked No Holes Barred farming site escalations.
NHB fielded 4 caps and 1 subcap webber. (two players with their alt army?)  We see this farming style happen all the time, usually when we only have one or two pilots available and not nearly enough mass available to bring the requisite force. This one ended differently.  

Ships Lost: 5 ships, 4 capsules
ISK Lost: 22,188,275,022.38

Based on the HYDRA composition, it looks like they already had significant assets parked there from an eviction two weeks earlier.

Kind of begs the question, why didn't Hydra just defend their POS in the first place?

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Confessing that I pulled out a Falcon last night when reshipping during a big fight, landed jams but didn't recognize it with the UI. 

I was VERY confused. Afterword I remarked on Mumble that I don't seem to have landed any jams the whole fight and someone explained to me that the UI for it changed and on reviewing FRAPS it looks like Retribution ECM nerf didn't utterly destroy it as a mechanic.

The UI, however, is quite subtle now.  Going to take some getting used to.

This is my obligatory Stupid Bill Is Stupid post.

"The Internet lets people talk to each other. What this bill does is go after that feature in the name of attacking crime. Does crime require that people talk to each other? Yeah. So does everything else."
--Yves Smith

Missing a few friends at dinner tonight, but it is pretty damn spectacular to be me, surrounded by awesomeness. Happy extra-Sunday!

Brisket has been introduced to smoke, behind closed door. Let's give those two a few hours to get to know each other better...
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