James McCanney — Why Do Hopis Tell Us Blue Comets Are Dangerous?
Wishing McCanney would lighten up on his “wannabe” remarks. Most of us are admittedly clueless. But very grateful for his teachings. Having taught middle school science, I actually understand some of this. Rose
I took some notes.
James McCanney Science Hour
Hopi elders blue comet
1 ison blue kachina?
precedes red kachina
what makes comet blue or green?
jan 2013 china secret arsenal aircraft drone threat oppose united states?
phony money loaned balance of trade negative
funds our national debt
F16 to J20
drones militarization of outer space
bankers control entire countries?
military might
national debt we must honor debt interest
China versus America
engineering science technology
comet ison – hubble spectrums? where are these infrared chandra? data?
Blue Kachina? No.
ISON NOT Hopi Blue Star
control of water energy wind power infinite energy costs
managed manipulated controlled
tier 2 science enslaves people
geophysical union – longitudinal … storm systems
nov 2012 – elec currents upper atmosphere
burn out transformers
space weather – new field?
driven by sun?
backwards science
receive funding – NASA
global warming? corporate media lying president Lyndon Johnson – silver coin – half dollar – junk metal federal reserve paper
pollution coal petroleum snow cold arizona glaciers melting
earth getting back to normal
kolbrin – major events great comets two occasions ice age initial warming very slow
noah flood – rainbows?
physics sun earth weather
alarmism Congress funding water issues scarcity
water crisis – boatloads fresh water
AZ could be green state
water mgt –
melts into ocean capture fresh water
big tubes – route water
profit a few
15,000 balloon
main science comet – Blue Comets?
every comet has element of blue
Hopi – blue comets dangerous
spectrum of Sun –
binoculars – magnification astronomical equipment
lenses prisms coatings for astronomy
telescope field of view tripod sturdy
fully coated optics
70 lbs
bright sky
7 power
7 x avoid zoom
7 x 50 diameter big lense
50 mm
eyepiece big
good dark place
away from city lights
Blue Comets – an element of blue
1 reflected light from sun visible spectrum
atmosphere was different
Moses event
blue comets dangerous
elec current extreme
2 sun black body emanating all colors
jupiter absorbed relected why we see colors we see
lemmon good data he located spectral data green comet spectrum carbon cyanide molecules luminosity bands
NOT reflected solar light
H2O steam effect of white
strong water bonds
electrical current – electron beam hit cometary atmosphere nucleus anti sunward nucleus moon jupiter size
big comet glimpse nucleus nuclei big comets ancients
neon various gases
coma comet tail – spectrum slip of light across coma tail
colors rainbow spikes luminosity spikes
1996 – NASA stopped spectrum data
‘Chemtrails’ over Nelson cause concern
Last updated 08:07 10/05/2013
[Pretty silly we still have to put 'Chemtrails' in quotes because Corporate Media SUCKS!!!]
what chemical composition
NASA data IR Hubble etc ISON not releasing
blue green more prominent
much more intense
carbon cyanide molecules
blue UV higher energy light spectrum
electrical discharges
blue dangerous
COMETS spectral analysis LEMMON
– James McCanney
Thursday, May 9, 2013
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